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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter one Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six
Yifan's POV The SM boss had called Yifan when he went to see the warehouse burned down. He was furious at Yifan. Yifan let himself get distracted when he was with Y/n; he forgot to get extra eyes on the warehouses. Needless to say his other places were now heavily guarded because GOT7's recent little display. SM boss would have no more screw ups but now the money that was burned would need to be taken back which meant a whole new heist was going to have to be done. Y/n was right it was the worst time for him to try and test the teams loyalty but he had to know who was trying to kill him. At this point he wasn't even sure. Jongin didn't even tell him what happened until he forced it out of him. He seemed to have told Jongdae though, perhaps he told everyone else in the room instead of him. No, he didn't have time to distrust them he had to make up a plan. A new heist had to be formulated, that meant the car tags had to be changed; they'd have to use a different set than last time. The police were still investigating the last heist but SM boss had already saw to it that evidence went missing which had them in a frenzy. Y/n had no idea how close 2PM was to them and last night when they slept together he could tell something got to her. Something had come back even if she wouldn't admit it. He couldn't risk her finding out about 2PM; he'd done everything to keep her from running into them again. He'd done everything to keep from regaining her memory. He couldn't risk her learning the truth. She had said Jaebeom's name in her sleep, she didn't even know she had said it but she had. She had whispered his name in question form, almost as though the name was familiar and she didn't know why she knew it rather than she was surprised at seeing him in her dreams. Yifan let Y/n walk out because he didn't want her apart of the discussion. "You know she's just going to keep pressing you until you let her go, right?" Junmyeon said. "Not now Junmyeon, she's not going that is final." Yifan said. "Why? I mean if she goes and something happens, she's cleared of any suspicion Chanyeol has placed on her no matter how feeble the accusation is," Chanyeol just shrugged. "and if Jongin is right and they are after her then they'll be expecting us to leave her behind. Meaning they may come for her anyway, she has no protection and surrounding her with guards means nothing to both GOT7 and 2PM. They're incredible marksmen they can eliminate our forces with no trouble." Jongdae said. "Bringing her along makes more sense Hyung." Kyungsoo said. "Not when 2PM is involved. They were sighted just outside our territory yesterday which means they're close." Yifan said. "Yet they're not coming in? Sounds like a trap to me." Sehun said. "Sounds like a fear tactic." Junmyeon said. Minseok tutted, "Yeah. Forget everything and run tactic." He said. Luhan looked at him and chuckled. "So are we taking her or not?" Chanyeol asked. Yifan sighed, they had a point. If she was left behind it didn't matter how many men they had she'd either be killed or taken and it certainly sounded like a trap. He wasn't sure if leaving her alone was the appropriate idea anymore. He'd have to take her. He looked to Junmyeon. "Alright fine you want her to go so bad then she'll be paired with Team B. Junmyeon you're their leader so she's in your hands. At the first sight of a 2PM member you need to get her out of there I mean it." "Come on Hyung, it's been three years do you really think she'll remember anything?" Jongin said. "She's already starting remember, she said his name last night in her sleep. If she remembers everything she may turn against us. Especially if she remembers she was married to their leader." He said. "I'll guard her with my life." Junmyeon said over dramatically. "Yeah you better believe him too, with his massive crush and all." Yixing spoke up. The guys chuckled when Junmyeon glanced back to glare at him. Yixing put on a innocent face which made Baekhyun shake his head with a chuckle. Yifan noticed Tao stand up and head to the door. "Tao where are you going?" He asked. Tao looked back and said, "To check on Y/N." Luhan stood up, "I think I'll go too." "Look at you two going to play with the cat while we're in here trying to create a plan." Yixing said. "First off I believe the cat is Baekhyun and I have not intention on playing with him." Luhan said. "No just Minseok when no ones watching." Baekhyun shot back. The guys laughed. Yifan stared at Luhan and Tao. "Second, while Tao's intentions maybe as pure as his little face Y/n has entertained three men just after a heist yesterday, isn't it time someone pleased her?" "If you think you can." Chanyeol chuckled. "Says the one accusing her of turning her back on us. We all know Y/n loves us more than anything else in the world. Granted, had it not been for the loss of her memory. Still for three years she's known Exo as a family, so let's do what she asks and behave. We'll be back and we can make a proper plan together." Luhan said before he wrapped his arm around Tao's shoulder. The two of them walked out but Yifan knew Luhan. He just wanted sometime with her too before anything happened. Despite how playful he was he saw each mission as his possible last one so he did what he wanted just before they began... Y/n's POV You had been biting your thumb nail since you got back into your bedroom. Yifan was obviously trying to keep you out of this next move but he had come in so furious, something more must've happened with SM boss. You had called him up once you got back to your bedroom and even SM boss had jumped on your case about the royal fuck up. With the millions that was stashed away and now burned down there was only one thing to do and that was to get the money back. So they'd no doubt plan a new heist. With twelve original members of the group already, you were nothing but an accessory and probably only valuable when it came to seducing men. There came a knock on your door and you looked towards it. "Yifan go away." You said. "Since when does Yifan knock on his own door?" Luhan's voice appeared from behind it. You sighed and walked over to open the door. Luhan and Tao both were standing behind it. You cocked an eyebrow, "Tao, you too?" You said. He nodded. You sighed, perhaps because Luhan was with him he wasn't going to talk much. "What is it?" You said. "Good news, Junmyeon and the others convinced Yifan to bring you along." Luhan said happily. "Oh goody it took the other boys to convince Yifan that I'm useful for something." You said sarcastically. "He just wants you safe Y/n." Tao said. You looked at him and scoffed, "Now, after three years, he cares for my safety, no I don't buy it. He's hiding something and Chanyeol had the nerve to accuse me of turning against you? Now that's bullshit." You said. "Y/n settle down. Here take my hand." Luhan said. You sighed and grabbed his hand; he pulled you out of the room and led you down the hall to his room. Tao followed silently when Luhan encouraged him to come with you two. You three arrived to his room and he sat you down on the bed. Promise me you'll always stay this good. Jay's voice came into your head and you felt guilty for some reason. Luhan kissed the side of your neck. The sound of his kiss reached your ear and heated your body. His hand slid up to your clothed breast taking it into his hand and giving it a massage. His firm grip on your arm and breast brought you closer to him. No matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with. You weren't though... You weren't the same Y/n, you knew that. You killed and slept with all the members of the group especially when they were stressed out. Luhan's kisses continued on your neck. The sounds reaching your core, the coil in your stomach became harsher with each touch of his lips on your skin and the sound entering your ears. Tao sat there watching, his voyeurism taking effect. You saw him swallow as he watched Luhan's hand go down your body and to your thigh. He moved his lips to just below your ear making you moan a little louder. Tao's hands became fists as he tried to hold himself back. You two slept together once and Tao felt he shouldn't do it again because he knew you were Yifan's. He was too loyal to Yifan. "We'll make you feel good okay?" Luhan whispered. "Me or you?" You said sarcastically thinking his intentions were only for his pleasure. He slipped his hand down your pants and past your panties. He tapped on your clit making your breath hitch. You wanted to roll your hips but you kept still. Luhan smiled, "We'll focus on your pleasure only princess. I promise you'll come so hard, your body will love it and you won't have enough energy to be upset at Yifan." He said. You smirked at him. His finger found your rim and you hoped he'd push his finger in but instead his finger traced it. You slightly pulsed, your heat begging for attention. His fingers came back up to your sensitive nub and he pinched it making you cry out. Your head was thrown back and you felt Luhan kiss your neck again. He came up and slipped his fingers out of your pants. He hummed delighted, "Look at that, you're soaking. Tao undress her will you?" He said. Luhan stood up and pulled his jacket off. He looked down at you and Tao who hadn't moved. He smiled and grabbed your hand and stood you up. "Come on Tao. Yifan would want Y/n to be happy and feel good right? So let's help her feel amazing. Come undress her." Luhan said. Tao nodded and stood up; he came over to you and looked you in the eyes. You stared back into his, you felt his hands come to the hem of your shirt and he slowly pulled it up over your head. He tossed the shirt aside and Luhan worked on your bra while Tao's hands came to your pants. He pulled both your panties and your pants down and you were left with Luhan behind you coming over your body to fondle your naked breast and then you had Tao on his knees looking up at you from between your legs. Luhan smiled in the corner of your eye and he grabbed your hands and brought them up above your head. He had some leather cuffs suspended from his ceiling, who would've guessed this angel face was into bondage. He placed your hands in the cuffs and raised you until you were on your tip toes. He came and grabbed your breast and his mouth covered your nipple licking and sucking on it. He came off with a popping sound to look down at Tao who was staring at your wet core. "Go a head Tao taste her. Do a good job and make her scream." He encouraged. Tao swallowed nervously and you felt his hands slide up the back of your legs and stop just slightly below your butt. He pulled your legs apart just slightly so he could kiss your inner thighs. He kissed them slow and you felt the way his tongue moved along your skin making you shiver. Luhan kissed the sides of your breast, his tongue making a harsher appearance than Tao's; the difference between the two pressures had your body wanting more. Tao's mouth made it to your core. You could feel small kisses come to your clit. They were soft ushering small moans from your mouth. Luhan moved to your other breast. The more Luhan kissed and licked the more Tao became a little more aggressive. His tongue made characters on your clit, having you moan out loud while Luhan nibbled at your soft sensitive skin around your breast. Luhan hummed at the taste of your skin. His lips came to yours crashing over them while Tao's tongue put in more working making you buck your hips into his face. He lifted one of your legs onto his shoulder for a better angle and his warm tongue penetrated you making you jerk and moan loudly in Luhan's mouth. "Shit." Luhan breathed. "Oh, fuck, oh my gosh!" You screamed. His tongue went back to petting your clit and you whined wanting more. "Tao." Moaned looking down to watch him. He pulled you onto his face more, hiding it from you. One of his hands left you but you could hear him jerking himself while he licked you. Luhan pushed Tao's head harder into your heat for you. You screamed out curses and moved your hips onto his face even more. "Fuck, I'm going to cum!" You screamed. You were panting and your body was jerking, your legs were shaking and it was already hard to stand because you were on your tip toes. "Keep going Tao she's so close." Luhan said. He pinched your nipple with his other hand and Tao moved his tongue faster, lapping you up. Your hands made it around the chains and you gripped onto them. The closer you got, the louder you were until you screamed, "Ooooohhhh fuuuuuuck!" In your orgasm. He kept licking you up and he let your leg down off his shoulder. Luhan lowered the suspension enough to release the cuffs from their hangers. He folded your arms behind your back and pushed you over. "Tao take off your pants and lie on the bed." Luhan said. He pulled off the rest of his pants and his shirt and sat down on the edge of the bed. Luhan shook his head and had him change so he was laying across the bed. Luhan brought you over to Tao's erection and situated you over him. You came down on him moving while Luhan kept your hands cuffed behind your back. He made you lean down and over so you could suck on him just after he'd rid himself of his pants. Luhan couldn't help but moan at the way you sucked on him. Tao pushed his hips up into you each time you pushed back down on him. You moaned while you sucked on Luhan. His hands went through your hair raking his fingers through it and getting a good grip before he led your mouth in the pace that he wanted. His hips bucked up into your mouth. Luhan pulled you off of him so you could kiss Tao. You kissed him hungrily and you were sure Tao could taste Luhan on your lips the same way you tasted yourself on his. Luhan brought you back on his member; he moved faster as did Tao, making you moan even harder onto Luhan. "That's it princess suck on me. Harder baby, just like that." He praised. Promise me you'll always stay this good, no matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with. I can't promise that. Luhan pulled out of your mouth and you kissed Tao. You felt Luhan at your ass and he suddenly pushed inside of you making you yelp. You kissed Tao willing the name that was on your mind not to come out. Jaebeom-ah! I'm sorry. Luhan and Tao were both inside you and Luhan was moving roughly. You no longer tried to move and let both men push into you. You were kissing Tao but Luhan must've been jealous because he pulled you up by your hair and kissed your neck then turned your head so he could kiss your lips. Tao's fingers played with your clit while they both rammed into you. "See princess- you feel amazing don't you?" Luhan said. "Shit. Lu." You moaned. He pulled your body up against his. Your hand wrapped around his head to bring him deeper into the kiss. You didn't pay attention to the tears running down your face. Luhan's hands were on your waist and he continued to help you move as he pulled away to look you in the eyes. He spotted the tears and kissed them away. He looked you the eyes. "Come one more time Y/n. Let him feel you." He said. You nodded and you leaned back over to get to Tao. You kissed him while Luhan continued his movements. Both of them were so close. Promise me "I'm gonna cum Y/n." Tao warned you in a weak voice. "Go a head." You told him. You were close yourself. Why did that memory have to come back? You never felt guilty about this before but now...Now you knew what betrayal was. "Lu. Tao!" You screamed his name coming quickly and hard around Tao. He groaned as he released inside of you. You were squeezing him so tight, you kissed him while Luhan continued to chase his release. "Shit Y/n." He said in your ear. He pulled out of you just in time to release all over your back. You sighed finally having him out of you. He kissed your shoulders while you kissed Tao's face. "Let's get you cleaned up princess. Now that you're taken care of you can help us make a plan." Luhan said. "Sorry Y/n." Tao said. "It's okay I told you to do it." You said. You pecked his forehead and sat up slowly. With both men out of you, you felt empty but more than in a physical sense. You just felt...alone. You kissed Luhan's cheek and thanked him. You faked a small smile before you walked out to take a shower in yours and Yifan's room. Promise me you'll always stay this good, no matter what happens in the future you'll always be the Y/n I fell in love with. Park Jaebeom, I'll never be the same. Ever again.....
damn dude idk how im suppose to feel with this chapter....i mean its tao and luhan (love them btw)❀❀❀ but the feels with jay got me feeling all heart brokenπŸ’”πŸ’”... couldnt fully enjoy the smut scene πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’...
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@JessicaEvaristo lol I'm sorry I can't help it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will be better. My next story I won't hurt you're feels....(maybe) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
What the fruit cake???
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@QueenPandaBunny Well you gonna learn today
Thank you
cant wait till she remembers EVERYTHING
omg its getting better and better
lol glad you like it
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