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Hi all, as promised I am back with my resolution for Jackson.
Many of you probably do not know or you could know if you read my confession letter to him he was my original bias of Got7. It was all thanks to him that I found Got7.
So with out further adieu please read my resolutions for him
First up I hope you wear more snapbacks....
Like in this fan art it would be pretty sweet if you dye your hair pink or maybe even a lilac or basically any color but blonde again or keep it natural. lol
stay healthy and keep being the wonderful human being that you are
Wear more clothes ...... or ............. NOT
Smile more and rest more and hopefully one day you will have your own clothing line.
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I hope he has more self-confidence. Sometimes I think his outward confidence is a cover for low self-esteme. The thought that may be the case just breaks my heart. He is so talented, loving, funny, kind, and caring. He deserves to not only be recognized for these attributes, but I want him to see himself this way. It is not prideful to acknowledge the gifts God's has bestowed on him or the hardworking he puts into everything he tackles.
I so agree with you. I really wanted to say smile more and please believe in yourself as much as you believe in others... you know... he seemed sadder this year