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Yey!!! Changing views and seeing into Layla!!!! Omo I think these two may be the focus for a little bit now.
Layla view*** I woke sitting up. "I'm up I'm awake" I said still half asleep. "Good morning" Keri said behind me. I heard her vaguely, saying she was leaving. However I was trying to figure out how I got into the floor when I fell asleep on the couch. Maybe I fell. Something shifted by my legs and I looked around me, eyes wide to see I had kooki on one side of me and Tae in the other. No for some reason tae's head was in my lap. This seemed so wrong. I looked to find Keri but she had already left the room. Keeping the scream bubbling in me I moved tae's head, which woke him up. He stared at me and then grinned in a sleepy manner. "Hows your head?" He asked sitting up. Tae shifted and moved to press his hand to my head. There was a pain where he pressed down on and a yelp came out of me. "Did that hurt?' He asked. "Yes and I have a massive head ache" I said. "Well you did fall off the couch and bonked your head on mine" Tae said. "That sounds like me. I toss around in my sleep" I sighed. "Is your head okay?" I asked. "I have a thick skull" he said knocking his fist against his forehead. "Oh that's good" I nodded then stopped. The headache was a killer. "Nothing kinky happened here did it?" I asked cutting to the core of my thoughts. "Blunt" Tae chuckled. "No you wedged yourself in between us and fell asleep" he explained. "Oh that's good, then I'm not going to think to deeply about this" I said getting up and to my feet. "Your getting up already?" Kooki's voice surprised me. I hadn't known he was awake. "Yes, I have to go home and change then go to work at 1" I said. "Can I walk you home?" Tae asked. "Sure, if you can be ready in 5" I told him. "Yea I can do that" he was getting to his feet. 10 minutes later I was walking with Tae to my house. It was maybe 9 in the morning and not that many people out. "Can I ask what you ever saw in that guy Tao?" Tae asked after a couple minutes. Way to go straight to the topic that would upset him. "He was never that bad of a guy. He's sweet and would always take care of me. Actually he focuses a lot of work so I never get to see him a lot which is why he got so insecure in our relationship" I explained. "Really? Yoongi never has that insecurity and him and Keri are both away from each other a lot" Tae said.  I knew he was just pointing that out, but Yoongi was a different person and Keri, well she was pretty but she also kept herself busy and didn't talk to every person she came across. She didn't make Yoongi think anything bad about her. "But Yoongi and Keri Are different" Tae said. "Yea, they are different." I sighed "But it's fine. I'm over it. He can go focus on work, I still have friends I met through him though that I can hold on to plus more" I said smiling. I stretched my arms over my head and yawned. "Does that mean your open to dating someone who wouldn't be threatened by my, his friends?" He asked. I eyed him catching that extra word thrown in there. "So you are interested" I mumbled to myself. "What?" He couldn't hear me. "Nothing." I said not repeating that comment. "no I missed it what did you say" he was asking. "Its okay, wasn't something for your ears" I chuckled. "what asking me to come home with you?" he chuckled. "your already walking me home silly" I laughed. "true, you just have to invite me in" he grinned as we approached my apartment complex. It felt like a short walk here even though it had been about a mile walk. "Nope not letting you in" I chuckled. "I only let guys I'm dating in my apartment" I grinned as I turned to him. I patted his cheek and backed away from him towards the apartments. Tae watched me go up the stairs and disappear into my apartment. With the door closed I couldn't help but squeal. Tae like me. He came so close to admitting it. I danced around in the doorway of my apartment. " Someone from bts likes me" I sang to myself like a fool.
******** Its short but Omo!!! Tae! that slip of the tongue oooo so good!!! Eek the amount of emotions going on overload for Layla is so cute! I just have to wonder how long will she wait, and wow um Tao really saw it coming didn't he. poor guy for saw future events. pouts**
Layla + Tae = LaTae?? (Latte)..since ya know this is Coffee Break... 😂😂😂 ANYWAY, I SHIP THEM...but Kookie...
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@mincheonjae so true I loved his one about the burgers I literally died
Oh my gosh I love it.!!!! I really hope I doesn't take them too long to go on a first date...Tae get cracking and ask her on a date!!!
Omo yesss, I ship them so hard. I may have squealed a little with excitement after reading this.
so darn gosh cute....I so ship them extremely hard.