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This is a smut entry in the EXO One-Shot Fan Fiction Contest in the EXO Community. Tagging the EXO community mod and mod support: @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH @PrincessUnicorn @SugaKookieV @ESwee @twistedPuppy @AaliyahNewbell
*** WARNING: this story contains mature content and is not intended for underage readers. ***
*** This story is entirely a work of fiction. ***
The last few months had been pretty rough for you and you kind of just wanted the year to be over with so you could symbolically get a fresh start. In November you’d finally broken up with your boyfriend of two years, not that you were sad about it; good riddance to his commitment issues and tendency to ignore what you wanted or needed from the relationship! Earlier in December you’d been passed over for a promotion that you knew you deserved but it was difficult to be mad as your co-worker who got it was probably equally deserving. It wasn’t that things in your life had gone spectacularly wrong, they just hadn’t gone right recently.
It was New Year’s Eve and although you weren’t really in the mood for a party you were getting ready for one. Your friend Sara had insisted on getting you out of your apartment to “have some fun and enjoy yourself” for the night. She’d asked one of her boyfriend’s roommates to make it into a double date and you couldn’t bring yourself to reject her sincere and thoughtful attempt to cheer you up. “Jongdae is just exactly what you need,” she’d said. “He’s a true gentleman so you can relax, and he’s sweet and looks amazing in a suit, too. You’ll have a nice time, I promise.” Of course, you interpreted that as “He’ll be too polite to act disappointed that Junmyeon and I dragged him to a party and abandoned him with you” but it was still sweet of Sara.
If you were going to do this you were going to do it properly. You slipped on a flattering black dress that was form-fitting but gave you enough room to breathe comfortably. For shoes, you selected a pair of flats covered in black sequins with metallic black rosette details. You put your hair up in a sophisticated-but-effortless style and decided to go minimalist with your makeup: mascara, subtle eyeshadow, your favorite blush, and a barely-there lip gloss that you could touch up between drinks easily enough. After tossing the lip gloss, your phone, your keys, and your wallet into a simple clutch, you were ready to go.
Sara picked you up. The two of you would meet Junmyeon and Jongdae at the house they shared with their other roommates and from there you would all travel together to the party. “Y/n, you look great!,” she said as you opened the car door. “So do you!,” you replied, and you meant it: she always looked great. “Are you excited? I really think you’re going to have fun!” You half-nodded. “Mhmm, sure. Thanks for inviting me.” You were hoping that didn’t sound sarcastic because you hadn’t meant it to be sarcastic.
Seconds after Sara rang the doorbell it was opened by Junmyeon with a bright smile. His enthusiasm faded as he walked the two of you into what was apparently a shared living room. “Here’s the thing,” he began, looking sheepish. “I just got a call from Jongdae right before you arrived. He can’t go to the party. He has some kind of family emergency and he won’t even be back for a few days.” You weren’t really upset but Sara looked like she considered this a disaster. Junmyeon tried to rescue the situation. “It’s okay, though, because I think we can just stay here and watch movies and have snacks to ring in the new year. Okay?” You weren’t about to let Sara miss the party for you. “No, no,” you began, “you can just drop me off at home on the way to the party and I’ll” - A voice from the hallway cut you off mid-sentence. “I’ll go.” A tall, lean man wearing a white bathrobe and drying his hair with a white towel stepped out from the hallway. You stared.
Suho objected immediately. “Mmm, that’s okay Sehun. I think that might be a bit awkward since y/n is older than you by a couple of years. We’ll just skip the double-date and the party.” Sehun gave Junmyeon a look that you couldn’t quite read. “I said I’ll go. I’m not a child, stop acting like I’m a child and can’t make my own choices. Hey,” he swung his towel in your direction, “do you want to go to that party with me?” Junmyeon and Sara stared at you while you considered the situation. Unconcerned, Sehun tilted his head to one side shook his still wet hair then ran his fingers through it. You knew that Junmyeon and Sara would refuse to take you home. If you said yes, Sara would still get to enjoy the party and what was the worst that could happen? You could handle potentially feeling like you were babysitting this guy for one night if necessary. “Okay,” you said, “provided that you wear something other than a bathrobe.”
Sehun disappeared from the room, presumably to put on actual clothing, and Junmyeon followed him, presumably to make sure that it was appropriate clothing for the occasion. Sara was obviously having mixed feelings about this new arrangement. “Are you sure about this? He’s not quite what I had in mind for you. He’s younger than you and I don’t want to put you in an awkward position…” Her concern wasn’t exactly making you feel confident about your decision but you didn’t back down. “Yes, I’m sure. It’ll be fine. It’s just a party for goodness sake, and you and Junmyeon will be the only ones I know anyway. I’m sure we’ll have a nice time; he can manage some dancing and a few drinks, can’t he?” Sara seemed to relax a little bit. “Maybe we can have a little coffee while we wait,” she suggested, leaving the room for just long enough to retrieve two mugs filled with black coffee.
You were sitting demurely on the large, cream-colored sofa next to Sara and sipping your coffee when Junmyeon walked back in with Sehun following. You almost spit your coffee out at the sight of Sehun now: he looked like he’d be right at home walking the runway at New York Fashion Week for some high-profile designer, right down to the impish smirk on his face. What a difference dry hair and a suit could make! You didn’t want to admit it, not even to yourself, but suddenly you were looking forward to this party a lot more. Junmyeon looked at his watch. “Shall we?” Sara took the mugs to the kitchen and returned with both of your coats. Before you could take your coat, Sehun snatched it from Sara’s hand. “Allow me.” You hesitated, a bit surprised, but turned and cooperated with his efforts. His hand brushed the back of your neck and sent a little a little shiver down your spine. You assumed it was an accident but when you turned around to face him he shifted his eyebrows ever so slightly and smiled at you.
The drive to the party was uneventful. Sara sat with you in the back seat and you chatted about a book you were both reading. Junmyeon concentrated on driving and periodically changing the radio station. Sehun sat completely silent in the passenger’s seat and stared out the window. When you arrived at the hotel where the party was being held, Junmyeon helped Sara out of the car. Not to be outdone, Sehun opened your door and offered you his hand. Your hesitation to take it did not deter him and he leaned in the door instead. “Come on. I’m waiting.” He was only getting closer so you quickly took his hand hoping that he’d back up and let you out of the car. He did so but slowly, looking you right in the eye the entire time.
Walking into the party you had an odd thought: what if instead walking into the party you just grabbed Sehun’s hand and turned back to the lobby and… and what? You brushed that thought aside and kept walking through the entrance to the ballroom. After your coat was checked you surveyed the room. There was a bar, a dancefloor, a spread of decadent food on three long tables, and various seating arrangements situated along the edges of the ballroom. It didn't take long for Sara and Junmyeon to be drawn away into the happy chaos, mingling and chatting with other couples.
You felt very alone until you realized that Sehun was still there, standing quietly by your side. “Do you just want to stand here,” he said, “or…?” You scanned the room looking for empty seats somewhere but Sehun caught on and slipped his hand into yours. “Not so fast, y/n. We’re at a party, we should start with a dance.” Before you could object, he was leading you onto the dancefloor. At first you tried to have some control over what was happening but you soon discovered that you’d have to focus on just keeping up with Sehun, whose every movement was fluid and effortless. He switched seamlessly between modern, more flirtatious dancing to elegantly twirling you about in ways that made the word “ballroom” seem entirely appropriate. At one point he dipped you and you were almost certain that everyone else on the dancefloor was just watching the two of you; of course, you couldn’t be sure because at that moment Sehun was looking intensely into your eyes and you couldn’t look away.
Once you were upright again, Sehun lead you away from the dancefloor and found two empty seats in a quiet corner. You were more out of breath than you should have been and the room felt very warm to you. “I think I need a drink,” you said. Sehun stood back up and asked, “what would you like?” You decided to trust his judgement. “I’ll have whatever you’re going to have.” He grinned and mumbled “good choice” as he walked off in the direction of the bar. You lost sight of him for a few minutes but then he returned with a drink in each hand. You were puzzled when he handed you a plastic cup with a lid and a straw but one sip told you what you were drinking and it was definitely not something from the bar. “You got bubble tea? Where did you even get this? Better yet, why are we drinking this?” You eyed the champagne and fancy mixed drinks in the glasses of partygoers passing by while you waited for an answer. “I know a place that’s only a couple of blocks away. You’re drinking bubble tea because you said you’d have what I’d have. I’m drinking bubble tea because I happen to like it and I have plans later that I’d like to stay alert for. Don’t you like it?” You ignored his question and tried not to get annoyed but what did he mean he had “plans later”? He shouldn’t have come here with you if he had other plans. You said nothing but glared at him.
After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Sehun spoke. “Look, over by the ice sculpture. He’s up to no good. He’s got a ring on but his date doesn’t. What do you think his wife will do when he gets home?” You said nothing so he continued. “I bet she’ll throw a vase at him. I hope she doesn’t miss,” he laughed. “Let’s see… the one in the green dress dancing by the bar. Who do you think she’s going to leave with? The tall fellow with the bad bowtie to her left or the short one with the ugly shoes who’s watching her from over by the speakers? She’s tripping over her own heels so she should probably pick one soon before they have to carry her out.” At this you snickered. “Fine, I’ll play. She’ll go with ugly shoes, definitely.” You both watched for a minute. Green dress left but she left with bad bowtie. Sehun gloated a bit. This people-watching game was childish but fun. This time, you started. “Just coming in the doorway, chubby fellow and the blonde. Why do you think they’re so late?” Sehun looked for a moment. “He got lost on the drive here because he was too busy looking at her oversized fake diamond earrings, obviously.”
It was getting close to midnight and people’s inhibitions were fading; they were laughing more heartily, dancing more freely, flirting more obviously. You forgot all about being mad until Sehun turned to you and said, “remember how I told you I had plans? I think it’s time.” You were cut by disappointment instantly but instead of saying anything you just looked away. Sehun leaned in close, so close that as he spoke his breath tickled your neck. “I think you misunderstood. I was hoping that we had plans.” His lips grazed your neck lightly with that last word before he pulled back just far enough to look you in the eye. “When I picked up the bubble tea I made a little stop at the front desk,” he added, pulling a key card out from his pocket. You didn’t hesitate for even a second before you grabbed the key card and stood up. You strode through the ballroom, Sehun so close behind you that you could almost feel him against you, and darted into the lobby.
The two of you ducked into an elevator and as soon as he hit the “close doors” button, he spun around and pinned you against the wall. Much to your disappointment he had to back off almost immediately when elevator stopped on the very next floor to let more people on. You shifted your weight impatiently and bit your lip, not caring if the other passengers saw how you were looking at Sehun. If anything, Sehun seemed to be enjoying this display. When the elevator stopped at the correct floor, he grabbed your hand and you ran together down the hallway, stopping once to retrieve your shoe when it fell off. A swipe of the keycard, a turn of the door handle, and the two of you we inside a lush hotel room furnished in cream and gold. You went to throw your arms around Sehun’s neck but he stopped you inches away from kissing him to look at his watch. “Three, two, one,” he said and then he was kissing you, forcefully enough that your knees felt like they might buckle. He pulled back and gave you a look that could made your breath catch in your throat. “Happy New Year. So, y/n, how do you think we should start off the new year?”
You pushed Sehun back and he played along, letting you push him onto the bed. You restrained yourself, slipping off your shoes one at a time, pulling the zipper slowly down the side of your dress. Sehun stayed on his back and watched with his hands behind his head. You let your dress slide down to the floor and stepped out of it. Reaching behind your back you unclasped your bra and you watched Sehun bite his lip as you slowly and deliberately removed the garment, exposing your breasts to his hungry gaze. You slid your hands along your sides, down to your hips, and slipped your thumbs into the lacy waistband of your panties but before you could slide them down Sehun sat up and grabbed your wrists. He gently moved your hands away and hooked one index finger into the waistband and pulled them down violently before he scooped you up and placed you on your back in the space he had previously occupied on the bed.
Now he made you wait. He unbuttoned first one cuff, then the other, and finally the front of his shirt before draping it on a chair. You wanted desperately to run your hands over his bare stomach, his angled hip bones, and down the little trail of hair between them that led to the fabric of his pants and disappeared from sight. Goosebumps spread on your skin and you practically held your breath with anticipation as he unzipped his pants and removed them much too slowly. You almost giggled when you realized that he hadn’t been wearing anything underneath those pants but you didn’t have time before he practically pounced onto the bed.
He was on his knees before you watching your face for a reaction as his left hand wandered its way up your thigh. “Sehun,” you whispered, urging him on. He leaned toward you but instead of kissing you he darted down a bit and put his pouting lips to good use on your breast. His warm tongue and the swell of his lips on your nipple made you gasp and curl your toes. Without thinking you pushed your fingers into Sehun’s hair and pulled gently. He hummed in approval, his mouth still on your breast, and nudged your legs apart with his left hand. He brought his mouth up to yours and teased your entrance with his fingers until you bit his pouty lower lip in protest, causing his fingers to stop teasing. As he kissed his way to your collarbone, you reached one hand down and tried to return the teasing on his most sensitive spots, caressing the smooth skin and raised veins, the increasingly slick tip; he twitched involuntarily against your hand. You enjoyed the way he was softly biting and moaning into your neck but you needed to feel him inside you. When you grabbed his butt and pulled him toward you he got the message and did not disappoint. With the same effortless fluidity he had shown you on the dance floor, he moved in you, with you, relentlessly, until your trembling pleasure brought his own.
You were still in a hazy glow as you nestled your head onto Sehun’s shoulder and said to him, “you know, Sehun, I think you’re just exactly what I need.”