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Hello Hello fellow Inspirits!!

First off I'd like to thank @LemonLassie for the wonderful opportunity for letting me join this awesome community! Let me introduce myself *bows*

♡My name is Anna, but my nickname is Haruka, but Haru on a shortened version. Call me which of the three you like! ♡ I work in retail as a cashier, but I plan to college either in the summer or fall semesters. ♡ I play guitar! ♡ My first exposure to kpop was Shinee Lucifer and slowly got taken into the rabbithole. ♡ I listen to many groups. Block B, Vixx, H.O.T, Cross Gene, History, N.Sonic, 2PM, 2AM, Boyfriend, DBSK, Suju, and the list goes on forever! ♡ I am a walking contridiction with a open mind. ♡ I'm a first time moderator for the Cross Gene and Infinite as well a support to Vixx and Boyfriend communities. ♡I have a very active imagination! ♡I'm 27 years and my birthday is March 19
I love all of Infinite, but the member I'm here to represent is none other than the heart master, Woohyun! I slowly got into Infinite a few years ago thanks to an old friend before we set out our own ways! The first member I saw was Sunggyu and it kept changing. Now I love all the members for their personalities, talents, and much more! Stay tuned as we represent Tuesdays! Now to introduce the beautiful ballad vocalist, Namu!
♡ His full name is Nam Woohyun (남우현) ♡ He was born on February 08, 1991. ♡His position is the main vocalist ♡ Nicknames: Namu, Namstar ♡ He is the youngest child. ♡ He has one older brother who is two years older than him, Nam Boohyun. ♡ His birthplace is Chungcheong. ♡ His zodiac sign is Aquarius and his blood type is B. ♡ His height is around 176cm. ♡ He is the main vocalist in Infinite along with Sunggyu. ♡ Before debut Sunggyu hated Woohyun so much that if they weren't on the same team that he'd never want to see him again. Now they are really close with each other. Woohyun is also close with Shinee's Key and MBLAQ's Mir. ♡He is good at cooking and vocal impersonation. ♡He cherishes his fans! ♡Woohyun is claustrophobic ♡He passed the audition by singing Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” ♡His parent’s were not happy with his decision of becoming an idol, but he works very hard to show them his passion. ♡He is really good at “Cham-Cham-Cham” ♡Their manager Jung Ryoul usually tells the members to do some fanservice when they perform. But in Woohyun’s case he tells him to tone it down. ♡ If he hadn‘t become a singer, he would have become an athlete or chef. ♡He is known for having the most profound abs in INFINITE ♡ He is actually a person who is sensitive and easily moved to tears. ♡It took him 6 years before he debuted with his solo album
Here's the many reasons I love Nam Woohyun and I hope you do also! He's a greasy, but amazing goofy ball of energy! One more thing before I go~ This year's resolution for Infinite. I want them to be happy, healthy, and do their best, even better than they have done before! I wish them the best with all the success with their music, acting, and so much more!! Fighting!!
*blushes and rubs neck* Thank you~
Fantastic intro!
Thank you ^^
Can I please be added to Inspirit tag list? :o
Of course! We will update the list ^^