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I woke super early, eventhough i slept for 10 hours straight. I showered and began to get ready, then I realized that I havent ate all day yesterday. So I gather my stuff and left to a cafe nearby my new work place. I wonder how this job will be. I grabbed my house keys, as I left the house I look back. Memories began to fill in my head. I shake my head and head out. I arrive at the hotel and parked my car inside the parking garage under the hotel. I grabbed my folder which contains my transfer papers. As I head inside the elevator, a man enter as well. I bow as he enters. I began to look at him as he stands in front of the elevator door. He is wearing a nice crisp black suite. His phone began to ring. "Hello? Yes just get all the papers of the new employees. Im heading up to my office. Make sure everyone is here on time. Those who comes late, make sure they are dismissed. I dont need them." Well then, he seems a bit of an asshole. Wait, new employees? Can he be my boss. I stood still till all of a sudden the elevator shock a bit. I startled a bit and accidentally drop my folder. I quickly began to pick them up and then I saw his hands handing me my papers. "Thank you" "Your a transfer employee" "Yes, sir" I stand and placed my papers inside my folder. I look up to see his face and oh my world. His face is just beautiful. Then I feel my cheeks turning red, I just quickly put my head down. "Why your here so early? Your supposed to come in two hours." "I was coming in to get coffee before heading to work and i saw theres a cafe inside the hotel." "I see. Why wont we go in together. Maybe have your interview now instead of later?" "Sounds good" We got off on the second floor and we enter inside the cafe. It was very big. It took the whole floor. This place is actually a restaurant and cafe. I followed him inside to be seated. As we sat across from eachother, I began to feel nervous. This man looks high class. We order our coffee and he order some breakfast, which I wasnt expecting. "What is your name?" "Sarin" "Which hotel you came from?" "HighEnd Hotel" "Ive heard about that hotel. Its a nice decent hotel. So what was your position?" "Assistant Manager" "Sounds good." Then a woman came while a file on her hand. "Here is the file you asked for sir" "You may go" The woman bows and looks at me in a type of way. I quickly looked at her as she left. "Ignore her. She is upset because she will be leaving to another hotel." "I dont think she should be upset about it" "Well you see Im getting the best of the best and the ones who suck here will be moving out" Well damn, he is harsh. But i understand him. Who wants people to be working under you and they be slacking. "Sarin, you seem to be the best in your old hotel. A three year assistant manager with good gualities. I think I know where to put you in my hotel." "Thank you. In any position you place me, I will always do my very best to please you" He looks at me and gave me a smile, but a smile with full of secrets. I just smile back to be polite. Then he pulls a paper and hand it to me. As i look I saw that it said Manager. "A manager, Sir?" "Yes. Most of the time you will be by my side. You will be my assistant and you will be handling anything that I cant handle. So you will be part manager with me. Im trusting you." "Oh wow..I am really happy and shock at the same time." "You will be paid higher also. $25 an hour is fine?" "$25??...." "And you will also be with me on the weekends for meetings. On the weekend Im going to pay you double of your regular pay" Dude, what are you doing. Is this a dream? "This is not a dream, Sarin" Well damn. "Thank you sir. I wont disappoint you" I bow and he smiles. We began to eat breakfast and we began to talk about more of the hotel. The rules and whats in each floor. The hotel has 12th floors. VIP is 10 to 12th floor with high class rooms. 1st is the receptionist, 2nd is the restaurant. 3rd floor has a message parlor. 4th to 6th floor is regular hotels with a decent but no cheap rooms. 7th to 8th is where a bar and club located. 9th floor is high rank employees are only located, which is the boss's office and security. Theres only 10 high rank employees. "Now shall we head upstairs and show you around?" "Yes please. Oh, how should i call you, sir" "Sir its fine, for now." I bow and began to follow him.
As I arrive to the 9th floor, we enter insode his office. That when I saw his name on the door. "Daesung" Hmm..Seems like a nice name for a good looking man. Sarin, focus. "Sarin, your office will be here and mines is right there." Its one big room with two rooms inside. His office is just a door away from mine. Seems legit. I smile and he went inside his office and close the door behind. I can hear that phone calls began to ring inside his office. I began to look around and i smile big as I see the big office I have. I look through the window and saw the most beautiful view. I turn around and saw my desk. I see how beautiful and organize the desk is. With a nice laptop and empty drawers. Then I saw a man walkimg in towards the office. "Im lookimg for Deasung. Is he here?" "He is busy sir." "I need to see him." "Well if you want to see him, I need you to wait out there till he is done. Understood?" The guy looked at me and gave me an attitude. I open the door and signal him out. "You will regret young lady" I closed the door behind him. When i turn around Deasung was there. He was so close to me that I really jumped from it. "Sir...." "I see you thrown out my friend there" "Oh im sorry sir... is just that.." "Dont worry about it. He will understand. I have a meeting with my friend. So can you please direct him inside." "Ye.. yes sir." I open the door and the guy stands. He gives me a dirty look. "He is ready to see you sir. Thank you for waiting." He ignores me and steps inside. This man, he is seriously annoying but handsome. "Who's the woman man?" "Easy. She is my new assistant. Seems like she got into your skin." "Not even.. Now shall we." The boys go inside. I sat down in front of my computer to see how the hotel runs, then all of a sudden I saw an email. >Jen will be coming into the office and she will be handling you files of the new transfers. Everyone must be here at 10am. No later than one minute late. Those who comes late, they are disqualified. Can i trust you? I look at the email, and I am lost of words. "How can I be doing his job. Well Sarin.. seems like he trusts you. But damn. I dont want to be a bitch. Well here goes nothing" I began to type and respond Deasung's email. >You can trust me. >Good. I will be watching. Once I logged out of my computer. I grabbed a folder which contains papers inside and a pen. Then Jen enters and gave me the files. There's 15 files, I began to look inside and check off those who caught my attention and the one who didn't I just placed a red sticker on thier files. I grabbed the files and began to head to the conference room. "Jen can you please have people sign into this sheet. When is 10:01am, we cant accept anymore. Bring me the paper by the time. Thank You." "No problem Sarin" She seems generous. I smile at her and went inside the room. I put my files in front me and spread them. I began to see people signing in. Then the interview began.
I went back to my office. I saw that the time went by too fast. Its 4pm and I finally had a chance to go back into my office. I grabbed the 5 files and began to knock Deasung's door. "Come in" I open and began to walk towards him. His office is huge but very beautiful. "Sir, these are the ones I choosen to come to work here. Its your choice if you disagree or not" " I agree with you. I trust you." Then he stands and walks towards me. My heart began to feel fuzzy and my stomach began to twist. Oh, why is it so hard to swallow. "Sarin.. Mind if i take you to dinner" "Umm, sure I guess. Should we meet on the 2nd floor?" "No. Grab your purse and let's go" "Wait.. right now.? What about work?" "You enjoy hard work huh" Something about him makes me want to know who he is. But i wonder? I began to grab my stuff and I follow him towards the elevator to go down the garage. As we enter inside the elevator, we reached to the 5th floor, the elevator door opened and a herd of people began coming inside. Out of nowhere, Deasung grabs me and pulls me into him as the elevator fills in. I was on to his chest, I can feel his breath into my neck. I am trying to ignore him but his smell is just making me dizzy. Then someone pushed me more into him. His chest is just firm. I kept my head down during the ride. Then the elevator shocked and I lost my balance. Deasung quickly grabbed me and I looked into his eyes. "You ok?" I shook my head yes, trying to keep my eyes away from him but its impossible. Then he smiles and he comes closer to my ears and begin to whisper. "Careful of how you look at me. I mught want you" I quickly look down and my heart is racing. All i can think about is what he said. Then everyone leaves the elevator on the 1st floor. As everyone left, I quickly let go of Deasung. I began to collect my breath and my mind. As the elevator reached in the garage, Deasung began to head out as I follow. All i can do is look how gorgeous he is. "What is wrong with me. Sarin, he is your boss." I shake my head and began to think too much. I cant go with him to dinner. I cant. So i began to think to some millions ideas of excuses to avoid this dinner. "Sir, I just remembered something. I had to do this thing with my mother. I promised her about this. And. she.. i mean I gotta help her with this...thing" He looks at me. Oh god, is he buying this. Oh please buy this and let me go. "Ok Sarin. You may go. We will go dinner together next time." He actually buyed it. "Yes sir. Thank you so much." "Deasung. You may call me Deasung" "Deasung" I bow and began to walk as fast as possible to my car. My heart is racing and I dont know why. I go inside my car and I see him leaving. As i saw him leave the garage. I let out a huge sigh and let my body relax. Then I head home.
As I arrive home, my heart dropped. Teayang was in my house cooking. "What are you doing here?" "Cooking. Im hungry." "Oh.. umm.." "Your hungry?" "Ya..umm..Imma shower ok" "sure" I grabbed a towel and head to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and let the water run. I sat down on the toilet and began to think of what the hell is going on here. Why is Teayang here? I began to take of my clothes and head in the shower. As I cover myself up with the towel and head to my room. I began to feel dizzy. I sat down on the bed to see if it calms down. As I began to dress myself. I then head to the kitchen and I see my plate of food on the table. "Im sorry for the way I behaved yesterday. But seems like your not eating." "Since when you care?" "I do." "When did you came here?" "I came after I saw you left the house this morning to work." "Why?" " Well, I dont have a place to go. I was just mad yesterday and..." "Decided to brake my heart by doing what you did yesterday." Teayang puts his head down. I sigh big and trying to collect my thoughts. "I dont know what to tell you Teayang. You did huge demage on me." "I need a place to stay Sarin." How can i hate him? How can I say no? This man was my first love. I cant be mean to him. "Stay here Teayang. Till you find a place to stay" " Thanks Sarin." What did I do?
What is Deasung feeling for Sarin? What Kind of amn is Deasung? What is Teayang doing?

I hope you all enjoying this story so far.


Chapter 1:

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love your writing. it feels like a full blown novel. Please keep it up. fighting! lol😊
tag me!
@KristinaCaron thankkkk youuu ?t💙💙💙 @StefaniTre forrrr surrreeee 😎
wow first chapter was heartbreaking but this one makes me excited I can't wait for more
Ooo Sarin what you doing girl?!? Damn, I am liking this 👌