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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Chapter 2
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 1
Next Part: Chapter 3
Warning: Strong language. Mentions of gay sexual acts/themes. Extremely mild violence (knife).
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Narrator's P.O.V:
Yoongi stood there trying to calm his anger and frustration with Jimin, clenching his fists at the sound of Jimin slamming his door. He felt a tick in his jaw. Not a few seconds later did he hear the faint sound of music playing from Jimin's room. Music never calmed him down or suppressed his urges, but dancing did, and he knew that was exactly what he was doing.
Yoongi walked to the living room, shaking his heads as the other's looked up at him in concern from where they sat. He waved them off and continued to explain what the current plan was.
"As of right now, Jiminie is still Plan A. As i said before, Jungkook, you and him will both go to the banquet next week. If something goes wrong or you're both in danger, you can teleport out. Do not hesitate. You'll need to be on high alert. If the hairs on the back of your neck even twitch, leave immediately." Yoongi explained.
Jungkook nodded, gripping Taehyung's hand tightly. He'd never been on an actual mission before and was afraid he'd do something to put Jimin's life in Danger. Yoongi reached over to pat his knee, nodding reassuringly.
"Don't worry Kookie," Yoongi smiled softly. Taehyung squeezed his hand reassuringly. "Namjoon and I will find some business men that won't be attending the banquet and who aren't as well-known. You'll be taking their identities. J-Hope will pose as a security guard and keep watch for anyone who may have superhuman abilities. Namjoon will sift through as many people there as he can, finding out if they have abilities as well, and Taehyung will be the fly on the wall, listening for anything suspicious. You'll get an ear piece along with Jiminie where i'll be feeding you any important information, along with J-Hope. Jin will be in the crowd on stand by for any messes that may happen along the way-"
"Find a business man who has an assistant who glues to him," Jimin cut him off as he walked down the hall. He had changed into a low white V-neck T-shirt and black blazer that secured itself closed by one button. Black leather pants clung tightly to his thighs, defining his muscles. To top his look off, he wore black dress shoes and matching choker with a small silver heart hanging from the middle. They could all smell the sweet scent of his cologne from down the hall and kept their eyes glued to him. He honestly was the human embodiment of sex.
He cleared his throat and stood in front of the door, noting that the others were too busy gawking to say anything. "If you can find a person like that, Kookie can pose as my assistant since he isn't used to missions. Bonus points if he can act shy and submissive. Almost like an idiot assistant. In that case, if he says nothing, it won't look suspicious. Sound good?" No one responded. They were still staring. Yoongi's eyes slowly tinted orange as the natural fire of attraction spread through him. Jungkook and Taehyung's jaws hung open in awe, while J-Hope eyed him up and down.
"Yoongi!" Jimin semi-shouted, careful not to wake Namjoon and Jin up. Yoongi snapped out of his daydream and nodded, repeating 'yes' and 'that's a good idea,' but refused to look back up at him. Jimin walked forward, slapping the back of Taehyung and Jungkook's head. The two dropped their gazes to the floor.
Just as he was about to daringly do the same to J-Hope, the tip of a knife found it's way just under his chin. He paused, holding his hands up in defeat as J-Hope tilted his chin up with the tip of the blade, close to piercing his skin. He stood and towered over Jimin with a playful glint in his eyes.
"I can admire you if i so desire, Park Jimin," he deadpanned. No emotion seemed to emanate from those words, but Jimin smirked at him regardless. J-Hope raised an eyebrow, humming before he eyed him up and down once again in suspicion. "Where are you going anyways?"
"I'm going someplace that will allow Jungkook and Taehyung a break from me," He smiled cutely. J-Hope nodded in understanding and lowered his knife, plopping back down into his seat.
"Please use protection," J-Hope said before picking up his phone and scrolling through the news. Jimin nodded, patting his back pockets that held a few condoms.
"I know I've been rough lately on you guys. I'm sorry." Jimin apologized to Taehyung and Jungkook. They both shook their head, accepting his apology and the well-needed break. Jimin looked at Yoongi from where he stood and sighed.
"Look away," Yoongi sighed, scrolling through twitter for anything interesting to distract him. Jimin looked away, and moved to leave.
"Oh wait! We have to go to the pet store to work today. Wait for us Chim?" Taeyhung asked, pulling Jungkook to their room to get dressed. Jimin told them to hurry and waited awkwardly in the living room for the two.
"You think Kookie could play the part of the shy assistant?" Yoongi suddenly asked Jimin, attempting to soothe the awkward air. He didn't dare to look up though, but J-Hope did, anticipating his response.
"He's naturally shy so he'll be fine. He just has to stand there, look around awkwardly, twiddle his thumbs and chime in every so often to agree with what i say. Don't worry. I'll protect him at all costs," he explained. Yoongi nodded.
"Alright. I'll look into it. Hopefully Namjoon say's this guy isn't as much of a threat as we think. If he is, he may have a few superhuman's guarding him."
"Oh i hope not. Do you know how hard it was to deal with the last mutant asshole? Honestly if you guys had told me even a minute earlier, i would've known she had the same ability as me. That poor building..." he sighed, recalling when he fought with another mutant. They both tried to seduce each other but let off too many sexual pheromones and ended up affecting everyone in the entire building. Jin ended up having to teleport in with Jungkook and control the girl's mind into sleep. She had no idea how to control her abilities so they just gave her in to the cops, along with the proof they had of her trading organs on the black market.
"Yes, and please, never take in that amount of sexual pheromones at once again. I could feel Taehyung's pain from out here-"
"Hey, i warned him before hand! Plus what was i gonna do, let that entire building suffer?" He attempted to defend himself, but J-Hope was right.
"You did warn me, plus i didn't mind," Taehyung giggled as he walked out of the room with Jungkook. "You'd always been careful with us before then, and i understood why you were so rough. Plus you spent a week apologizing to me, so it's alright." He pinched Jimin's cheek sweetly. "Let's go." He smiled.
Jimin nodded and they waved goodbye before walking out the door. Yoongi sighed, surrendering his phone and moving to one of their laptops deciding to do some more research on Kim Woo Bin.
"Namjoon's getting better you know," J-Hope chimed after a while. Yoongi looked up from the laptop confused as to what he meant. J-Hope continued. "Jin's not leaving as hurt as he used too. He's also not spending as much time in there, and Namjoon has been sleeping a bit more. He's also focusing more and freaking out less."
Yoongi raised his eyebrow and looked away from J-Hope. He thought about it for a moment before realizing he was right. Namjoon was better as of late.
"He's learning to control his powers more," he said. J-Hope nodded, spinning his knife between his fingers.
"It's most likely because he's getting older and learning more about himself. if he keeps it up, Jin won't have to help him all the time even though it helps him advance his own powers." J-Hope chimed. Yoongi nodded, smiling over at J-Hope who stared at his knife intently.
He found himself gazing at him, suddenly wondering where the Hoby he grew up with went. He used to be full of life and happiness, using his ability to tease his friends and help around the house instead of assassinating people. His laugh was the loudest of the seven of them, and his smile was the brightest. His voice and mind were filled with words of hope and positivity. Those dark chocolate eyes of would glint with happiness at every given moment of the day.
"Do you remember when we were kids?" Yoongi asked. J-Hope nodded. He remembered everything. How naive he was and how simple minded they all were.
"I remember everything Yoongi," he looked up at him. His lips begged to smile back at Yoongi, but he wouldn't let them. Yoongi nodded, looking down at the tips of his fingers. He raised them in front of his eyes and watched as flamed circled each one calmly.
"I remember when my mother first saw me use my ability. Oh how she wanted to kill me. I still remember the murderous look in her eye, as well as the look of pure fear. I knew she was asking herself how she could give birth to such a monster. In that moment, all i wanted was to run to you. i wanted you to hug me and tell me that everything would be okay-"
"So you ran to my house, and i did exactly that," J-Hope finished. He knew what Yoongi was going to say. Yoongi knew that he did as well, so he dropped his hand and sighed, feeling defeated once again. "I know you miss my smile. I know you miss my laugh. I know you miss who i once was, but i can't go back." He said. He clenched his jaw, attempting to keep himself from crying, but Yoongi wouldn't hold it in. He felt his eyes prickle and before he knew it, tears were falling from his eyes.
"I know," he brokenly whispered. He kept his breathing calm, swallowing hard to keep the tears in control. He stood up and walked towards J-Hope, gently laying a hand on his shoulder. As soon as he did, J-Hope's eyes betrayed his will, and a single tear slipped from his eye.
"I wish... i could help you the way you always helped me. I wish i could bring even a little bit of light to your darkness, my little brother." he whispered, not trusting his voice. Squeezing his shoulder a bit, he sniffled before smiling a bit. "I'll go make some food for us, Jin and Namjoon." He spoke before walking toward the kitchen.
J-Hope let his tears fall after he left and didn't attempt to stop them.
A little sad, i know, but i worked hard on SOPE's part D: LOVE ME! β™₯
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