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Oh No! I haven't posted! It had a good part too. lol well Better now the never lol. I'm sorry it took me a while to post. So recap we still have a few members of bts are still here lol
Eon and Me went with Namjoon to meet with Kooki and Yoongi in the hallway. I had never actually met these people, strange how we had been in the same building for months now and it was the first time. Not so much for Eon. Him and Namjoon had been talking since we started walking and seemed they had known each other well. "You are in a group with Eon?" Yoongi asked surprising me. "Yes, he's my plushie when I have nothing to snuggle with" I grinned as the words came out of my mouth.  Yoongi looked taken aback for a second before laughing. Eon slid a look my way from ahead of me but didn't even bat an eye at the statement. "You must be the youngest" Yoongi commented. "I'm the adorable maknae of the group" I said making a pose with my hands on my chin forming a V. "Kooki is our youngest" Yoongi pointed to the third guy. "I know. I pay attention to other groups too" I said waving to kooki. He waved back at me. "Hi" kooki said. "So how long had you been pre debut? Yoongi asked. "Hmm I'm 17, so 2 years." I said. "Only 2? That's really good" kooki commented. I just shrugged. "I'm still learning a lot" I said. We talked about our training days for a bit before we made it to a little hole in the wall place that Eon and Namjoon said had the best Ramen. Halfway through the meal I got a text, then another, my phone blew up all of a sudden  The noise of little knocks continuing as the guys looked around trying to figure it out "Are you going to get any of those?' Eon finally turned and questioned me. "When it stops.  Curious if its pictures or one worded texts" I wondered aloud. "Its all from one person?" Namjoon questioned. "Probably. Or maybe 2 I don't know" I said. The knocking stopped and I pulled out my phone. They were all looking at me making me feel uncomfortable. The texts were all from chaeyoung. First a picture of her, then Tzuyu then the rest of her members, Korean BBQ and in single texts she had written. 'Have. You. Eaten. Yet? You. should. eat! Go. Eat! "All from Chaeyoung" I said sending a message that I was eating too. "What did she send you?" Eon chuckled. "Pictures of the girls, food and told me I need to eat" I said I started snapping a picture of Eon with Namjoon next to him and then a picture of my bowl and sent it to her. "Chaeyoung? Is she your friend?" Yoongi asked. "Yup her and Tzuyu." I said turning and showing the scroll of pictures. "Twice?" He sounded questionable with his guess. "Yup. " I nodded. A text came in from Chaeyoung. 'Is that Namjoon from bts?' I chuckled and sent back 'yes' 'I can't believe your eating with him. Jelly jelly' she wrote back making me laugh. Finishing our meal we all walked back. Kooki suddenly came up next to me. "You know twice?" He asked "Yup. I go to school with two of the girls" I nodded "That's cool. Is there anyway you can send those pictures to me?" He asked. I stopped and looked at him. "Depends what are you planning on doing with it?" I asked. "Just for my own use" he said skeptical "Mm well if I can take a picture of you and send it to them" I compromised. "Sure" he grinned. So I took a picture of him and sent it to Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. Then I got his phone number and sent him the pictures. "So does this mean you like one of them?' I asked. "Uh" his eyes shifted. He definitely did. Oh I wanted to play match maker so badly now!!! For some reason I could see him with Tzuyu. "You don't have to tell me" I shook my head. After he left and I was back in the studio room I had been using I shot  text to chaeyoung and Tzuyu that I sent their pictures to kooki. Chaeyoung responded face with an emoji embarrassed and a text saying 'I was eating' Tzuyu messaged asking for his number to tell him to treasure that pic cuz he had to work for it. I laughed and did so. It was cute.
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Aww another match maker!!!