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I hope those who returned from break are well and those still on it are enjoying it!
And it doesn't hurt to have one fluff before an Angst! >:3
He sighed softly, pushing the glasses further up the bridge of his nose, squinting to get a glimpse of the board from his seat, skillfully scribbling down the notes as the teacher spoke, raising his hand eagerly when the teacher asked a question, causing everyone to snicker at his intelligence. He flinched slightly when he felt a paper ball hit the side of his head, everyone giggling softly when the paper fell to the ground, three more being aimed at him when the teacher’s back was turned.
“What a dork.” He heard, knowing it was one of the popular kids, Taehyung choosing to ignore them, concentrating on his notes even more, stuffing his nose into his notebook, the burning feeling of someone watching him itched at his back, causing him to shift uncontrollably. He chewed on the skin of his bottom lip, daring to sneak a glance behind him, a beautiful girl waving flirtatiously at him, causing his cheeks to heat up in embarrassment.
The door flew open, shocking Taehyung to the point his pencil skidded off his paper, his eyes widening as he frantically tried to erase the mark, almost ripping the paper when he saw your walk through the door, distaste clearly written on your face when you stepped through the door, hearing murmurs all around you.
No doubt everyone knew about you. You rolled your eyes, the clinking of your chairs hitting your leg as you strutted lazily to the teacher, the thuds of your boots echoing around the quiet classroom as you put the pass on the teacher’s desk, a sneer making it’s way onto your face when one of the jocks wolf whistled in your direction.
You flicked them the finger, a howl of hoots following. You quietly walked to your desk, directly next to Taehyung, who kept his head down, fiddling with his pencil in between his fingers nervously. He glanced behind him again, the girl still staring at him, who ushered her head outside when the bell rang, shooting him a wink before grabbing her things, making sure she swung her hips when she passed Taehyung, who’s cheeks reddened.
He quickly got his things, shoving them messily into his backpack as he left the classroom in a hurry, much to your confusion, considering it was always you and him being the last ones to leave. You quietly followed, seeing him waiting next to your locker, no doubt waiting for the girl who caught the naive boy’s attention. You opened your locker, just as the girl crept up to Taehyung, running a finger down the boy’s chest, the action resulting in an eye roll from you, already knowing the poor boy was falling under her spell.
“Can you do me a favor?” She pouted, tugging him closer by his tie, his eyes widening when she got close to his face, her minty breath hitting his face. He nodded quickly, swallowing the growing lump in his throat, pushing up his glasses when she batted her eyelashes at him. “I’ve been so stressed lately, and the project for Mr.Wang’s class is due tomorrow, I just don’t have enough time.” She spoked in a sickly-sweet tone, almost making you gag.
“I-I could do it for you.” Taehyung offered sweetly, your heart clenching in pain at the sight of the poor kid, the girl’s eyes lightening up, knowing her plan worked. You rolled your eyes, slamming your locker and gripping Taehyung’s arm tightly, shooting the shocked girl a forced smile, pulling a confused Taehyung away from her. “Sorry, but he’s mine, thanks.” You said, tugging him away from the girl, who glared at your retreating back, yelling curses at you. “Nothing I haven’t heard before!” You smirked over your shoulder, making sure she was out of earshot before lightly shoving the boy away, who’s flustered face looked at you in shock.
“Wh-What was that for?”
“For someone with the highest grades in the school, I’d think you’d be smarter than that.” You mumbled, pushing his forehead with your index and middle finger, a small yelp coming from him. “I-I don’t-”
“She wanted you to do her project. She wasn’t going to be all lovey-dovey with you. She wanted the grade, not you.” You said bluntly, crossing your arms, watching his head drop slightly, a small sigh escaping your lips. “Look, you seem like a good kid, the problem is, you’re too trusting.”
“So what you’re saying is, I shouldn’t trust you either?” He said unsurely, rubbing the back of his neck, a small smirk making it’s way onto your face. “That’s your decision to make.” You said, leaving him speechless as you turned on your heels, the thud of your boots fading down the hallway, Taehyung eyeing you in amazement.
From that day forward, Taehyung was always by your side, helping you with your studies, assisting you the best he could with projects, making sure you did most of the work, only taking his perspective to make it better. By the end of the month, both of you developed a decent friendship, much to everyone’s surprise when they saw the both of you laughing throughout the halls and in between classes.
You learned more about the boy, how he had two younger siblings, who he loved to death, how he loved to read, how at times he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. You couldn’t lie, at first, you thought he’d grow to be that annoying kid who only hung out with you because no one else would, but you grew to enjoy your time with him. He wasn’t like anyone made him to be, he didn’t flaunt his knowledge, he didn’t correct every sentence everyone made, he was different, and you admired that about him.
It was when he started to act differently around you, did you grow concerned. He avoided eye contact with you, days turning into him ignoring you completely. You narrowed your eyes at his retreating figure when he passed right by you, not sparing a single glance as he heading to his homeroom. You sneered, hearing the murmurs that “the nerd dropped the badass”. You flicked off the people, their eyes widening as you jogged after Taehyung, who was almost at his class.
You roughly pulled the back of his collar, dragging him into the janitors closet before locking the door behind you. His eyes widened when he saw it was you, quickly adjusting his clothes and glasses, a red hue scattered on his cheeks. “We need to talk.” You hissed, pushing him back when he tried to slip under his arm, his eyes dropping to his shoes.
“We have nothing to talk about.”
“Oh yeah? What about the fact that you’re blantly ignoring me? The fact that you avoid me like the plague? The fact that you act like you don’t even know me anymore?” You hissed, your voice cracking, hitting his chest with your fists, tears threatening to fall. “Don’t you get it? You were the only person who didn’t treat me like a piece of meat, like I’m not going to murder anyone in my path, like I’m not some violent freak.” You exclaimed, pushing his chest as he wordlessly stared at you, his hand raising to wipe a tear that fell down your cheek.
“You were the first person to actually treat me like a person, and now you’re just here ignoring me like I did something wrong.” Your voice softened, tugging at the boy’s heartstrings as he brushed a piece of hair out of your face, cupping your cheeks in his large hands, the pads of his thumbs caressing the soft skin gently.
“I was scared. Scared that if I fell for you, that you would leave me. You’re the most unique and laid back person that I’ve ever met and been friends with. I was so scared that I would mess up and let you slip out of my fingers.” He spoke softly, his eyes meeting yours, a smile growing on his cheeks. “No one normal falls for the nerd anyways.” He said with a boxy smile on his face.
“Good thing neither of us are normal.” You whispered, gripping his collar, connecting your lips in a passionate kiss.


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