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I found this and I just had to share. Besides sharing this I was curious to what everyone is watching.
I know in my intro card on Sunday I said I was watching 3 dramas at the moment while make it 5 kdramas I am watching.
I really want to know so comment down below what you are watching or what you have on your to be watched list.
So besides, Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo.
I am Watching Hwarang and K2..
I'm on the current episode (ep 5) of Hwarang and even though it is getting bad reviews in Korea, I am enjoying it. I do have a few issues with it but the acting from the 2 main male leads is superb. The female lead I'm not too sure how I feel about her. Though I do thing the plot line and story line will get better and start moving along more.
You probably want to know my problem with the show....well too bad I'm not going to post it on the card hoping to start a discussion. So ask me in a comment I might just answer.
K2 is finished I know this but I just started it and I am on episode 2. Somebody Please tell me if I should keep watching. I mean it has an interesting plot but everytime I try to watch I get way to distracted. Does it get better at episode 3 or 4 or 5. If it doesn't keep my attention after those episodes I just might not finish it?
Ok so please answer my questions in the comments. Please tell me what you are watching or want to watch.
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I am watching Hwarang and Doctor Romantic... And on my watchlist is The K2, Legend of the Blue Sea, Goblin and Weightlifting fairy
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Yes I've heard so many good things about both of them. I cannot wait to watch them
right now I finished watching moorim school for the 2nd time, I have no many kdramas that I haven't finished! shopping king Louie is one of them!
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you will love that show, seo in guk' s in it! I haven't finished it!
I'm currently watching Playful Kiss. I don't have one in my to watch list, so I'm open to suggestions. 😊
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I prefer ones that I can marathon. I like romance and comedy, action is ideal
I just finished watching noble my love in Netflix and girls love story on DramaFever. The ending for both was really bad! I know it's supposed to have a happy ending but I'm just not satisfied! I guess I'm just supposed to feel that way after finishing kdramas. Is that normal for anyone? Does anyone else feel this way?
@MaggieHolm ! sometimes feel like that. I actually felt like that for SO I MARRIED AN ANTI FAN.... it felt too rush
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right. me too. the end being rushed the way it was is what took points away from the movie for me