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I am SO excited that I can finally post 24K stuff in an actual community! Thank you Vingle!! With that being said I have been given the honor to be one of the first mod supporters for this amazing group thanks to the ever SO kind @InkedKpopQueen! I am so glad to be her with her and my fellow supporter @kitkatkpop! Our goal is to not only promote 24K like crazy but to also grow this community! And we hope with all our hearts that you will join us on this quest!
Now it's that time again...intro time! I go by Brittany or Brit whichever you prefer. :) I am 27 years old I was born on Christmas Day. I'm an only child. I live in Central Florida. I am a pharmacy technician. My 24K bias is the huge dork, man child and amazing leader Cory. My only child is my 5 month old kitten Amaya. My little fur baby.💖 Favorite sport is soccer and I love being outdoors. I am a huge bookworm and video game guru. I am addicted to Korean and Japanese drama's. I am currently attempting to learn Korean and Japanese. I have been a fan of 24K since their debut back in 2012. They were one of my very first kpop groups. I've been with them through the forced 2 year hiatus terrified that they would disband even after just starting, when they lost 2 members but gained 2 more, when they went silent again for a brief period, when they came back but Daeil and Sungoh were sitting this comeback out and when they added two more members. I've been there for it all but by doing so it has brought me closer to them and a deep love for them formed. They're a very special group to me and I only feel this way about only 1 other group. They were my first in all the fears and heartache that kpop can bring. But I am a loyal 24U like my mod and fellow supporter so I never plan to leave these boys. And....yeah I'm bad at these so yeah that's about it. I swear I'm not that boring and I didn't mean to get all emotional on everyone they're just a very precious group to me!😅
I am looking forward to growing this community and promoting 24K with all you lovely people! So please be sure to join us and show 24K, our mod and my fellow supporter all the love they deserve!
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