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Word count: 1011
Jin POV:
Once I realized that she was asleep I carried her to my room and laid her in my bed. I covered her up and kissed her on the forehead. I wanted our first night in the same bed to be a memorable one and her being passed out drunk, I thought it wouldn’t be the best time to make memories. So, I headed back into the living room to sleep on the couch. As I did I saw Tae get up from his slumber and head to the back towards the bedrooms.
Taehyung POV:
I woke up on the couch, still with a light buzz and I was hot so I took my shirt off when I got to my room, at least what I thought was my room and collapsed into the bed…
(Y/n)’s POV:
My eyes opened to darkness in a bed and I was cold. I figure Jin had carried me here himself and I could feel heat on the other side of the bed. I rolled over and wrapped my arms around the heat source, trying to keep myself from freezing to death. I fully awoke when the sun seeped through the window and rudely hit my face. I let my eyes open slowly and when I did, I saw a surprisingly familiar face, but it wasn’t Jin. When my eyes finally were focused on the face, I realized that I was cuddling a half-naked Tae. I screamed in shock, not knowing what to do besides that. Tae woke up and screamed as well, but he tried to get out of the bed and fell. Jin came into the room with a confused and concerned look on his face looking from Tae to me to back at Tae again… “What the hell is going on in here?”
*2 years later*
“What’s so funny?” Jin asked as he looked over my shoulder as he walks the front door. I was looking at old photos in the scrap book I made after we had gotten married. I laughed at the pictures of my group of girls, the boys a couple of days after we all met and compared them to the picture recently. I heard Jin’s chuckle as he leaned over the couch and me to get a good look at what I saw. “I remember that picture…” he sighed and kissed me on the cheek. “I miss that past, but I love the present too much to go back…” I smiled. “Well, aren’t we a bit corny today?” I flipped through a couple more pages of picture and set down the book, before I grabbed my glass of wine of the coffee table.
“How was work?” I asked him after he came back to the living room from the bed room after dropping off his stuff in there. “Long and tiring without seeing you all day…” I smiled as he sat next to me and pulled me close. “I will be back in a few days, you know that… everything will be kind of back to where it was, but better,” I paused going back through some of the past. “Do you remember when we all got drunk in the dorm after we announced our engagement?” I asked “And the next morning I found Tae in bed with you…” “We were all confused as hell…” I laughed. “And all of us were still trying to get over hangovers…”. We both laughed at the memory as I poured him a glass of wine before sitting back down, snuggled up against him. “Oh, and that speech that Jimin made on our wedding day. I cringed at every word…” I laughed at the memory that Jin and I shared. “I do not know if Namjoon was more drunk or Yoongi was…” “No, I think it was more like Taehyung, but it didn’t help that we had an open bar…” He replied with a laugh. “Yeah, maybe it had something to do with that and the fact that we were all very emotional that night… with Jungkook crying and all…”
I rested my head on his shoulder and was about to relax fully when I heard an all too familiar sound that I have been hearing for the past couple of months, rings in my ears. I sighed and sat up to go and see what was the matter when Jin said “It’s okay, I got it,” and moved from his seated position to go to one of the back rooms we had in our new house. Suddenly, the noise stopped. “She just need a bit of daddy time, I think.” I turned to see Jin holding our seven-month-old little girl in his arms. As he walked even further into the room, he rocked her in his arms. I couldn’t help, but feel lucky in this moment. I knew that this was the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Even though we had our up and downs, I never regretted spending my life with this man. She began to fuss a bit in Jin’s arms. She smiled and opened her eyes wide looking back and forth between us. Of Course, I say she looks a lot like Jin, but he says she looks a lot like me. I couldn’t help, but to grin from ear to ear watching her arms wiggle and grab my finger with her little ones. Her smile was precious.
I heard an excited knock on the door. I walked over to the door and peeked through the peep hole before I opened the door to six smiling men. “Can we come in and see the baby?” Tae asked, being at the front of the group. I nodded, but gestured to stay quiet and waved all of them in to the room where Jin was holding the baby. They all crowded around him. Each of their reactions were priceless as the cooed over her. I knew from that moment that she would be the most protected, cared for and love by all of her ‘uncles’.
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