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Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 16 Preview Eng Sub
Ep 16 Written Preview out!!! SHARE with all QIHM fans pleaseeee! I'm going to do Live Recaps tonight too just follow me at for the updates my darlings! ===================================== 1 year later... after finishing 신 장희빈 (New Jang Hee Bin), Hee Jin's schedule is getting increasingly hectic as she gets more famous. One day, Hee Jin gets a request to be the narrator for an educational documentary program PD The PD offered her the script of a show titled Queen In Hyun's Man... AACK. DYING DYING. this doesnt bode well for happy ending thoughhhh
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thanks a zillion Luka!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
i just this and like nononono
5 years ago·Reply
I am soo in love wif this show.. Even watched it wifout subs.. Dis last ep is making me anxious. M crossing my fingers dat d ending will b a happy one considering i cried buckets for yesternite ep. Pls dun make d ending vague..
5 years ago·Reply
just remade it into vietnamese! thanks alot!
5 years ago·Reply
wish they would give more details of the preview >__<
5 years ago·Reply