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Jak’s nerves were a total wreck by the time the shoot was over. She kept reminding herself; “he’s a player, it’s all part of the act for the shoot". None of it did anything to help settle her down.
At the words, “That’s a wrap,” she scurried off as quickly as possible to the dressing room. The sooner she was out of here and back in her safe little apartment, the sooner she could breathe. The only people left in the dressing room were the costumers; she quickly changed so they could be about their business, than she sat to take care of her make-up. She took extra time removing it; she didn’t foresee sneaking out unnoticed like usual so she wanted to wait until the very last minute.
Unable to delay any longer, she shouldered her bag, tucked her hair under her beanie, took a breath and headed out the door. Staring at the floor she aimed straight for the outer door when she heard her name. Looking over her shoulder she saw the photographer wave her over. It wasn’t unusual for them to want to show her a quick preview of the shoot or some of their favorites they wanted to use. Looking nothing like a model now, she shrugged, and switched directions to wander over to the computer screen.
“Ah, Jak, come here, come here. I was afraid you’d already left and I wanted you to see.”
She looked over his shoulder to view what he was selecting.
“Do you see this one? You didn’t even know I was shooting, did you? Do you see that chemistry? You can, how do you say it in English, 'is palatable'? Yes?”
Even as a model, she still wasn’t used to seeing herself in photos and having people compliment her. She did better when she looked at the picture and simply saw a woman, not herself. However, right now? She definitely wanted to be the woman in those pictures with Jiyong. The photographer was correct, if it could, the steam would be lifting off the computer screen. The first one was when she was relaxing and Jiyong had leaned over and stolen her bag of chips and the second, when he’d whispered to her about liking the possibility of her loving him.
“Yeah, they look like they turned out great. I hope they’re what he wanted. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for the opportunity today.” She held out her hand and he grasped it, pulling her in for a hug.
She froze and awkwardly patted his back. “The pleasure was mine and yes, he is over the moon with these results!” He pulled back and winked at her, “To tell you a secret, we were neither one disappointed by today.”
"I know you said Jiyong asked to work with me but who was our client? I didn't see any labels on the clothing."
The photographer stops still and looks at her in shock; pointing at the pictures he states, “Jiyong; Peaceminusone is the client today. Your agent didn’t tell you this?”
She shakes her head in disbelief, “No. I was told there was a high profile client that had requested me for a clothing shoot, they would provide the clothing, various types, and there would be a male model also. When I got here, you told me that it was Jiyong."
He tilts his head looking at her, scratching his chin, looks back down at his computer. “I am thinking maybe that was a good thing. I don’t think half these shots would have turned out so well if you had known. Hmm, maybe I’ll ask you two to come back again and see if the sizzle is still there, eh? What you think?” Now he was jostling her and wiggling his eyebrows.
Uncomfortable again, she just nods, “Sure. Just let my agent know.” She bows and quickly escapes out the door.
Home before any of her roommates she tucks herself into a corner with a drink and tries to process the day. It’s all been just too much, better not to think about it she decides and closes her eyes to nap instead.
The ringing of the doorbell wakes her up. She looks around in confusion for a roommate, than realizes she’s still home alone. Maybe it’s one of them and they forgot their key, she thinks as she runs into the wall and bangs her hip.
“Shoot, that hurt,” she’s mumbling as she opens the door. Without even looking to see who it is she turns and heads back to her corner.
“Does that mean I can come in?”
She stops cold in her tracks, wide awake now but thinking she can’t be. She slowly turns around, still rubbing her hip, to see Jiyong lounging in her doorway.
“You do that often? Bang into walls? Or just when waking up?” His smile is genuine and gorgeous and she can do nothing but stand there and stare.
He walks closer, waving his hand in front of her face. “Hello? You in there? Was it your head you hit? You were rubbing your hip.”
As he leans over to look at her head, her eyes widen and she throws her hands up in front of her, backing away from him.
“What are you doing here?”
“So… not your head. The photographer said you rushed out before I could get back out from the dressing room. I wanted to thank you for doing the shoot; the pictures look fantastic.”
He’s peering more closely at her and she realizes she has on no make-up. Her hands fly to her face and he prys them back away.
“No. You really don’t need make-up do you? Except to see your eyelashes I guess, I couldn’t see them back there, but there they are, and long too. And freckles!” He chuckles, "I should have known with your red hair. They're cute."
“How did you know where I live?”
He smiles slyly and holds out his arms, “I'm a celebrity. There isn’t much I can’t find out if I want to.”
Her face scrunches up, “That’s just creepy! EW! Get out! I can’t believe you did that! Out, Out!” She’s pushing him towards the door and he is walking awkwardly backwards trying not to run into anything.
At the door he stands there a minute, head tilted, and examining her before he states; “Most women would love to find me on their doorstep but not you? You puzzle me…”
“Good. I’m a puzzle, go figure it out somewhere else or just give up on it, good night,” and she slams the door in his face.
You can run but you can't hide from this determined Dragon! Haha, GD fighting!
Jak, honey, he's not going to give up that easily 😂
Jak is my hero!
hehe, just as I'd expect from you 언니. the good stuff
just keeps getting better and better😊