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Hey guyes it's me again with another instalment of my silly story. As always I want to thank @Choijiah for the wonderful ssg that this is based off of. if you haven't played and want tO give it a go then here is the link πŸ‘‡ she created this game for quarter 3 last yr. Choijiah Also please be on the look out for some new ssg's and other games during the Quarter. We have a bunch of ideas and surprises for you. Beginning? One Previous? Ten
Tae kept walking along the path until she got to her cottage. She stopped and stood outside with her mouth gaping open once she got closer to her door. There on her front steps was what looked to be a busy Dongwoon pacing back and forth. His eyes were connected to the ground and hands in his pockets as he seemed to be contemplating something. Unfortunately he didn't notice Tae as she watched him for the few moments she did. But then again who would want to see this mess? Was he waiting for her? She quickly cleared her throat announcing her arrival. She witnessed the males eyes lift and notice her. He straightened up and took his hands out of his pockets. "Your not inside?" he blushed lightly setting off a jolt in Tae Chan's chest. He really needed to stop being attractive with every expression he has. "I slept at a friends cottage so now I'm back," she fought to keep her eyes from giving away her feelings. Tae looked down at the dress she had on the night before and the shoes she carried. 'Focus focus focus' Dongwoon lifted a brow as he noticed she had a tray as well. "the tray?'' Knowing that he had to be dancing on her porch for a reason Tae Chan took this opportunity to hand him her tray. "can you take that back for me please and I'll shower," she held the tray out to him with a tired look in her eyes. '' I'll talk to you when Im in a better condition," she smiled occwardly. Dongwoon stood there for a moment after he took the empty tray. His eyes were low as if he wanted to say something but he didn't. He lowered his shoulders and focused his eyes on Tae as if he was about to speak. Instead he turned around and left with a bitter look on his face as Tae Chan's eyes followed him down the path. Was he ready to make up with her or is this going to go somewhere else entirely? Grunting Tae Chan turned to her door and went inside. This was going to be interesting indeed. She would find out later but she hoped for the best. After a nice hot bath and lots of lotion being slathered on her skin Tae Chan left the bathroom to change. She slipped on a pair of light faded jeans, a band T-shirt and some flip flops before drying her hair and finished with her grooming. All the while her mind was playing tugof war with her regarding Dongwoon's visit. What exactly was that? Did he pace without knocking? What did he want to talk about? Questions, questions and more questions. Tae needed to relax and leave it alone. She would find out the next time she seen him and right now she had things to do. Tae found her schedule for today and looked it over making sure she was not lost. 'Clean main building bathrooms at 4:30. Sign out is at 5,' Tae took a deep breath and looked at the time on her phone. Games were starting soon since it was almost 1. The female decided to skip out and find that massage area her pamflit showed. Why not? She could find Dongwoon before then after go have some stress free time to herself. She was more interested in other things then the games so she would sacrifice them for herself. It was no big deal since she wanted to stay in Korea for at least another week. Tae Chan started packing her stuff and made sure she was ready to depart when the time came. At 1pm the female had a bathing suit and towel stuffed into a small bag. She slung it over her shoulders and walked out of the room to go find Dongwoon. With her key, phone sunglasses and a egg of EOS in one hand Tae closed the door behind her and started on the path. For a while she walked with her eyes roaming about for the male. He was not in his room so she had to hunt him down. He had stood outside her door so she might as well find out why. Maybe he saw her drunk and wanted to see if she was fine.....he already did though but his eyes said he wanted to communicate. Did he want her to go into more detail about Hatori or even what she did back then? Did he want to see how she was doing?... No he was icy unless he finally thawed out. Oh well. He was still worth seeing even if he changed his mind on talking to her. Tae Chan wouldn't see him again maybe and that hurt. Even if he was grumpy she wanted to soak up this time. When Tae finally found Dongwoon he was alone. The games were going on around the swimming pool and he was shooting hoops on the basketball court. He stood in place dribbling the ball a but then shooting. He was not very into it or he was tired by the looks of it. His body moved slow and almost mechanical. Tae stood just outside the cement watching as the tower moved about. He was still a sight to see and it was nice to see him alone. Tae moved to a bench and placed her stuff down before making her way over quietly trying not to disturb him. She stopped her feet 5 feet behind him and crossed her arms. " I thought you would be participating in the games," At hearing her voice he stopped and turned around with the ball in his hand. "I rather not," he took a step back as his eyes noticed she was close. Tae leaned back on the balls of her feet with her eyes to the ground then back up to him. "what did you want to talk to me about? You seemed pretty set on walking back and forth till you made a hole outside my door," Tae put her weight on one foot as she peered up into Dongwoons brown orbs. "to see if you were still breathing. They carried you off in a mess last night," he turned and dribbled the ball to take a shot. Tae picked up her feet and walked around him to get a better view. "I survived. Junhyung and the others took care of me," "you made up with Hyunseung," he took the shot watching the ball bounce off the hoop. "that was my goal.....are you going to be in town for a while?" Dongwoon caught the ball and went back to his spot. "you set new goals," he started again bouncing the ball. "No just one of many....So do you want to catch up or beat around the bush?" "I have a girlfriend," "yeah I didn't ask if you wanted to sleep together " Tae Chan moved between Dongwoon and the basketball hoop. She unfolded her arms and looked straight up at him as he stopped dribbling the ball. "do you really resent me?" she breathed with a hint of emotion in her voice. The male in front of her stayed quiet. His eyes moved around her face and his brows furrowed. Dongwoon turned around and started off the court leaving Tae Chan behind.
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