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alright so today is Jan 3. oh wait! first let me tell you what this is about okay so @AaliyahNewbell made this event for Jaebum so we can do a fun countdown until his birthday and we hope many of you JB Stan out there join us and celebrate with us.
anyways Jan 3 . a song that remind me of JB would be.... umm.... let me think.... .. Um... OH! I GOT IT!!
John Legend you & I I choose this one because JB said one in a behind the scenes shoot. that if he'd treat his wife like a queen and love her and holds her while they sleep and make her feel beautiful and what not.
I also wanted to use take of you by Drake ft Rihanna because I think JB would be the type of man that would love someone unconditionally. BUUUUT I could be wrong but whatever you know lol I tried
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I would pick Just Right, since he is just right!