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Hello Hello lovely Candys!! First off @AimeeH Thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity to join this awesome community!!

This is my first time modding for Cross Gene and with none other than the Charismatic Happy Bunny, Sangmin!! :D Join us on Saturdays to know more about this happy virus! Now off to introduce myself!
I posted this before, but just in case you missed it~ ♡My name is Anna, but my nickname is Haruka, but Haru on a shortened version. Call me which of the three you like! ♡ I work in retail as a cashier, but I plan to college either in the summer or fall semesters. ♡ I play guitar! ♡ My first exposure to kpop was Shinee Lucifer and slowly got taken into the rabbithole. ♡ I listen to many groups. Block B, Vixx, H.O.T, Cross Gene, History, N.Sonic, 2PM, 2AM, Boyfriend, DBSK, Suju, and the list goes on forever! ♡ I am a walking contridiction with a open mind. ♡ I'm a first time moderator for the Cross Gene and Infinite as well a support to Vixx and Boyfriend communities. ♡I have a very active imagination! ♡I'm 27 years and my birthday is March 19 ♡Another fun fact: My birthday is between two members of Cross Gene, Takuya and Casper~ Now for @AimeeH @Merryjayne13 @JordanShuler This is for you! Let the ships sail!!!!
One more thing I failed to mention before the edit. For the New Years resolution I want to wish Cross Gene health, happiness, and everything they do from their comebacks, acting, and more to be successful!! Fighting!!
So glad to have you on the TEAM! ♡
Thank you ^^
😍😍my takushi! 😍😍happy to have you with us Haru!! 😁
Thank you~ I'm glad to take part and helping out!