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Ok so I saw this today and said oh shit that looks like a great way to kill some time and you know momma didn't raise a bitch so I'm not backing down from a challenge OH YEA *enter kool-aid man*... That being said I'm also the self proclaimed world's greatest procrastinator (I rematch education bleach a few weeks ago and Idk if you guys remember Ganju) so if you believe that I want you to know I'm just fucking with ya and we're gonna start right here and now!
THE VERY FIRST ANIME I WATCHED WHY OF COURSE Dragon ball z!! NOT ! Tbh I've never even seen it and before you get your pitchforks and torches to run me out of the Vingle community really think about Dbz it wasn't that great I've honestly tried so hard a few weeks ago to get into it and it's just not that good I got to when Frieza kills the namics (don't know if I spelled that right) but just couldn't do it anymore sorry for my lack of conviction but you can hate me cause you ain't me. And before any of you pout saying, "you've got to start with dragon ball 😭😀😑" that one's even worse I actually went online to look at reviews of whether or not Dbz is the G.O.A.T. 🐐 and came to the conclusion the only people that genuinely think it is haven't seen a lot of anime (I often call a goat that ain't shit a poodle 🐩 feel free to come up with an acronym for that because the only reason I choose poodle is cause it's a lame emoji )
NOW MY REAL ANSWER FOR THE VERY FIRST ANIME I EVER WATCHED *drumrololololololol please* (and no its not one piece but I just wanted to use that joke. I know lame but don't hate me cause I'm beautiful)
It was naruto and not dope naruto shippuden I mean the original that's literally 41% filler just because they didn't want to end the anime. Now don't get me wrong it will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart because Mr. Uzumaki is the man that opened my soul to a beautiful world that I couldn't live without now. I actually read Mangas because I finished the naruto manga first too (don't know if first manga is a challenge but I guess spoiler alert). And naruto shippuden had EVERYTHING if you didn't cry laugh get mad or feel some myriad of emotions while watching it you should dig a grave and live the rest of your days near it, with a good manga or stealing cable or electricity to watch anime, because you're already dead inside.
Those first battles were all supposed to be a recollection these next ones are just my favorite battles and moments😁
If you would like to be tagged in my future posts just let me know and I'll make it happen. Thank you for reading everybody
On a side note none of the gifs I posted are working and Idk why if anyone has an answer that'd be appreciated