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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my funky neo-culture lovers and soon to be neo-culture lovers. Guess what?!?!? Firstly many thanks to the mod (@JordanShuler) for letting me be part of this ever growing group. Thank you lovely. Now on to the introductions But first:
About Me: Soooo......I guess I can start with my name... ●Isolda (이솔다) aka Sol (that's me btw on Thursdays) ●Q1 Moderator for KNK (yay) ●Puerto Rican  (age between 22-26) ●Major I'm sorry but until these beautiful Korean men estoppp, I'm just keep adding them in my lifeu ㅠ^ㅠ ●I literally bias too many...hence multi but I have my especial oppas & young oppas. ●I'm also Mod Supporters for: ☆Mamamoo  (Wheein) ☆Teen Top (Ricky) ☆iKon (Donghyuk) ☆BTOB (Peniel) ☆History (SSG) ☆ BTS (J-Hope) ☆Victon (Seungwoo) My Vingle is open to all, so let's be friends and play!! or with me. Add me on 카카오톡 and/or LINE or whatnot. (Just ask for username if you want)
So...I was gonna introduce him completely but I'll just introduce him next week when I find more cool pics of him. However, please show love and anticipate our international nachas every Thursday as we bring you exciting content. Hooray for Ten!!!


Until then lovelies!!

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