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Hello everyone! It's Jenny! Thank you @bapastro from letting join the Block B team! So exciting!
So things to know about me: ~ I am shy at first and don't like to talk, but once you get you to know me a little bit more, I am fun and random at times. ~ I have a dog. His name is Brutis and he is a Boxer mix. I love him so much lol ~ I did Tae Kwon Do for about 9 years. I know my korean numbers lol and how to defend myself. ~ I am the mod supporter for NCT, Boys Republic, and High4 ~ Slowly learning Korean and learning French. Slowly though lol
I will be representing our cute, adorable maknae P.O on Fridays! So expect many gifs, pictures, memes, and everything about him lol. Well that's it for now! Bye!:D