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Khunnie keeps breaking my heart!
Isn't my husband cute?!
Here he is looking so sad in his brother's new music video. It's a sad yet beautiful song and the lyrics and video are so painfully real. Khunnie's acting and Jun.K's voice together are enough to break your heart. It hurts to see my man in so much pain, even just as an act. Come to the States and be with your noona like you should, I'll protect your heart.
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😒😒😒😒 So sad, and so beautiful... Nichkhun seems to have gotten better over time at acting. He's been my 2PM bias for a very long time and he just made my heart flutter yet again. 😍😍
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Jun.K's vocals too... I swear he's got velvet on his vocal chords somewhere.
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@MandyNoona Yes, such talented men in this group! 2PM is my bias group and Khunnie is my UB.
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