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“The reason I told you to get lost so freely all this time was because I knew you’d always come back to my side. I’ll do as you ask. Get lost, Taeyang ... ... If the sun leaves like this… it’ll destroy me.” - Joo Joong Won waaaahhh... this is my fave scene on ep15... so heartbreaking... :(
Finally he came to this realisation that he can't live without her!
yeah and there is ready a text preview that he will follow taeyang in the states.. let's see ep 16 tomorrow... ^^
sigh.. sigh..sigh I hope that their story will have a happy ending. They have the right to be happy. For JJW, after 15 years he had finally overcome his trauma from his first love and for TGS, that despite of her ability to see ghost, she can finally stay with his only shelter..
true... i hope so too... ^^