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I can't wait to hear what they sound like. I kind of follow them. I came across TRAX when I discovered No Min Woo, formerly known as Rose, after watching him in a couple dramas (My Unfortunate Boyfriend & Full House part 2). Very good looking guy. Love his solo music. Well as it turns out, he was originally a part of TRAX like a decade ago. He was their drummer/vocal. TRAX started out as a rock band, very heavy sound, and over the years have toned it down to an almost pop rock sound. They've always been under SM Entertainment. From this photo and the SM Town website, it's just the two now. Jung Mo (formerly known as X-Mas) and Jay (formerly known as Typhoon). You probably seen Kim Jung Mo playing guitar during EXO's 2016 Daejun performance of MAMA. He also collaborated with Heechul for a song called "Ulsanbawi". Him and Heechul formed a project group called, M&D, back in 2011 and even put out a title song, "Close Your Mouth". Park Chanyeol admires him because, not only did they go to the same school but he plays the way Chanyeol wants to play. Hopefully they'll get to do a collab in the future. No Min Woo left in 2006, two years after debuting, to pursue other interests. I read somewhere it was because of a contract dispute with SM. No word on where the other member went. The two remaining members moved on with new bandmates. They were on hiatus for awhile, military duties and such but came back in the last couple years performing varies SM functions. Most recently SMTown World Tour 2016.
Here's some TRAX music for your listening pleasure. From most recent to the earliest that I could find. I like Paradox. Enjoy!


Jung Mo playing guitar, which sounds really awesome. As a teen, I listened Steve Vai and this reminds so much of that sound. M&D music video for "Close Ur Mouth", which also sounds very awesome. No Min Woo's latest release, "Gravity".... and still looking good
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I can't wait!!😍😍😍