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This Cute Squishy, Yoosung πŸ‡πŸ°
Greetings fellow mystics!!!! Kim here bringing you another card from the Christmas special. I'm happy that I got the adorable squishy Yoosung!!!!
Awe, look at him, being manly and sweet!!!! I have to say that his route was a challenging one. I was for sure though that I was going down towards either Jumin or Zen routes again. Then the phone call from V had me both shooked and shocked. (A small part of me wanted to see if there was a V route.)
Only Jumin would say things like this!!!!!
5 down and 3 to go!!!! I took a small break (today) so I'll be back on tomorrow. Hopefully I can try to get Jahee's route. Happy Messenging!!!! Tagging my Mystic Buddies: @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDemon10
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Whatever you do, whoever'sroute you think you're on, don't give up on Jaehee! I don't think there is a V route... Have you made it through 707's route in the main story? I don't wanna spoil with my reasoning...
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@OtakuDemon10 I don't really remember what the options were like, but just be understanding and respect his privacy; he'll open up when he's ready, if that helps. Remember, he wants you to accept the real Saeyoung, not just the 707 in the chat room. I'm not sure how far you made it... Had he showed you what was on the floppy disc? You said it was day 9, right?
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