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Victor- Makkachin, do you want to take a walk? Your tail says everything
Victor: There comes that strange sensation again....
Victor: Perhaps I will never now what it is
Victor: I need to distract myself a little
-MONTHS AFTER APRIL- Victor: A perfect time to come to the beach, right Makkachin? -people wearing jackets and it's really cold outside-
Inner Makkachin: I don't think so Victor: Come, let's go a little further *squeeze*
Victor: As again.. I feel like I'm being observed.l, well why have I nor thought of this before? Lets play for a while!
2 HOURS LATER Victor: That's enough for today! Lets go home
-there were 2 cameras hidden- Victor: Now, let's see if I'm really crazy or not
-another 2 hours later-
Good, the camera that was in the dirt didn't capture anything, that is good....no? All that is left to see is another 2 hour video -after 15 minutes-
Victor: Look Makkachin, Yakov is probably going to get mad at me, but I got to tell him this...
MESSAGE Yakov: Vitya, where are you? Victor: I'm looking for someone Yakov: What? Who are you looking for?
-And now, let's see what we can find about "Mermaids"-
Victor: I should go home -there are apt of articles about the Mermaids; but majority just confirm it is just a myth. Hm? Ah... I forgot my bottle of water
Victor: There it is I don't want to make this environment dirty
OMGUMMIES!!!! SO GOOD!!!! To be continued? ?? I dunno. .. ^^ credit to artist anime: Yuri!!! on ice Tag~ @JadeOwens
Tag please???
that was amazing!!! tag me please?
if any updates, yes @CrymsonDeath 😊
Why just why!!!!! Why end it like that 😭😭😭 how rude
I'm sorry @NikkoNikole
Tag me please. 😄
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Thank you. 😁
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