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Hey everyone! It's Jenny. Today I will be introducing our fearless leader Onejunn!

Basic Info:

Name: Jo One Junn (조원준) Stage Name: Wonjun / Onejunn  Nickname: Glutton member/ Glutton Leader/ Ajusshi Leader Position: Leader, Main Vocal  Birthday: November 22, 1988  Height: 179 cm  Weight: 61kg  Horoscope: Sagittarius  Blood Type: AB 

Fun Facts:

~He’s the one who eats the most in the group. It was clearly seen through the episodes of “Rookie King Boys Republic”.  ~Although he’s the leader, he likes teasing the other members.  ~He can imitate a Jazz singer. (ASC ep 59)  ~Onejunn can lick his elbow (Seen on Weekly Idol) ~Participated in Idol Olympics 2014 with the other members. He was placed in the Soccer Competition along with Suwoong. He also scored one Goal and had the position of goal keeper.  ~He was voted as the “Fashion Terrorist” of the group (by the members votes), Sungjun commented “One time, when we were about to go out, I saw a huge grasshopper come outside of the house. But then I realized it was Wonjun dressed in all Green.” ~Believe it or not, he’s a fan of One Direction. ~Wonjun’s favorite girl group is Girls Day and he’s been a fan since Expect Era. (Credits)
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