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Hello My Otakus!

I have a bunch of fun and exciting things planned for this quarter that I can't wait to start doing!

So because I dont want people to miss out (and because its been a while since I have updated xD) I wanted to know if you guys wanted to be added to my Tag List!?

My Taglist is from my past tag list its just been a little updated but I would love to have more Otakus join in on the fun!! (Or if you have asked to be added but dont see your name please ask again I am sorry I missed you the first time!)

Current Tag List!

Comment Below If you would like to be Added or Removed from the Tag List!

(Please Do Not Use Tag List)

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Could you add me?
@Beanerific321 Of Course😄
could you add me
yay I'm here
@MorganAlys Sorry for the late reply yes I can!