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2016 has been a great year not only for comebacks but also for debuts. So many groups have had amazing debuts! K-pop is really breaking out internationally and I'm so proud!!! I will TRY to choose ONLY one song from each group. To be fair! This is my personal list, sorry if your favorites didn't make it on my list or aren't as high up on the list. *Side Note: I don't listen to many girl groups therefore. Most of these songs will be male group songs.*

16. "Cheer Up" - TWICE

If you're in the K-pop fandom than more than likely you've already heard of this song and you may even know the main point dance. This is an extremely catchy song, it's so upbeat and fun to dance to!

15. "Overcome" - Nu'est

I love the sound of this song, the beats and the build up. It's got a good feeling and the vocals are amazing in it! The mv is also really beautiful. This song needs more recognition in my opinion. It's a really good song and has a nice sound.

14. "Hide and Seek" - ASTRO

Astro needs more love! I listened to this song nonstop when it first came out, I still listen to it but not as much as I used to. Like Cheer Up it is super catchy. I can't help but want to jump up and dance to this whenever it plays. The chorus is so cute and upbeat! It's a fun debut song that I really love!

13. "Monster" -EXO

This one is really popular and the chorus is so fun to sing, "YOU CALL ME MONSTER!" This was by far my favorite EXO song of 2016! It's really good and the mv isn't lacking either. The ending of the song when they say "Creeping, creeping, creeping", that's my favorite part and then Baekhyun! <3

12. "Oh NaNa" - K.A.R.D

This song is so fun to listen to! I just love it!!! It's a song that makes you just want to dance like you're at a party with your friends although you're probably sitting at home by yourself. It's that kind of song. Also I love the whole co-ed idea, their voices work so perfectly together and the song itself is amazing!

11. "The Closer" - VIXX

This song is amazing although the mv wasn't the best, the song is what made it happen for me. The choreography is great too. I just love the whole breakdown of this song. VIXX never disappoints me vocal wise, it's so good!!!

10. "The Eye" - INFINITE

I love the vibe Infinite gives off when they have their comebacks. They have that sound that I love like BTS, GOT7 and SHINee. All of these groups have that sound! Not a similar sound but one I love. Where when they have a comeback, I'm always impressed! This comeback was so impressive. "IT HAD ME SHOOK" (do people still say that?) XD This was one of the songs I listened to on repeat for awhile like most of these songs on this list. I love the beats, the vocals, the choreo and the mv. Everything about this song is great!

9. "See The Light" - GOT7

I know what you're all probably thinking "Why See The Light? Why not Fly or Hard Carry?" Simple answer, I love ballads! Although I love both Fly and Hard Carry, I catch myself listening to See The Light over either of those two. It just makes me want to sway and I get to appreciate Jackson's singing voice and the vocals. It's a pretty song and I love it so much!

8. "I'll Be Your Man" - BTOB

I love the buildup of this song so much and the breakdown, the rap is amazing as well! I still listen to this song all the time which is why it's ranked higher than some of the others. Not only is the song great, the mv is so aesthetically pleasing that I just love it! The beat and song is just great!

7. "Letting Go" - DAY6

I enjoy the band style of music too. I really love "Letting Go". It has a sad feeling to it, but it's so beautiful! It's slow yet has a buildup to it and then hits hard. I love the rap near the end from Young K. It's my favorite part. You can fell his soul being poured out. It's such a good song and I wish more people listened to DAY6 because they are so talented!

6. "FXXK IT & Last Dance" - Big Bang

Sorry I bent the rules only for BB because I couldn't choose between these two although most people would choose FXXK IT over Last Dance. But I'm a sucker for ballads so it was hard to choose. Why not both? Last Dance is a beautiful ballad song that makes me tear up just listening to it. I've only ever teared up from 3 Korean songs. 1 was "Borders" by Amber, the other was "Haru Haru" by Big Bang and of course "Last Dance". FXXK IT is a party song yet not too much which is just my style. I also get to appreciate Taeyang's beautiful voice in both and all of their voices in Last Dance.

5. "Knock" - KNK

This debut song may be my 2nd favorite k-pop debut after "Replay" by SHINee. Replay will forever be my favorite debut. But Knock is so addicting to listen to. I love the chorus, the song is so amazing. It's slow yet fast. It makes you want to dance in a circle like they do in the mv. The rap is great! It's definitely one of my favorites!!!

4. "Toy" - Block B

First off the mv is what made me love this song so much more. It's so aesthetically pleasing to the eye in some clips. Now on to the song, this song is my jam. My friend actually got me into Block B. And this song is what stuck to me. The vocals are so impressive! The sound and beats are great and I love that it's kind of slow but not too slow. Because the breakdown really makes you want to dance a little. It's nice!

3. "Home" - Ailee ft. Yoon Mirae

I can't explain how much I LOVE THIS SONG! Like I said I don't listen to many female groups or artists but I just love Ailee's voice and had to listen to this song and it's definitely my style. I love the chorus plus Yoon Mirae is featuring this song. So of course, the song is even better! Yoon Mirae slays all the time and so does Ailee. I love the mv as well as the song too. It was nice to see Ailee dance. This song is amazing!!!

2. "Press Your Number" - Taemin (SHINee)

So I'm a Shawol and I love Taemin mostly for his dancing. I got so excited when I heard he was having a solo comeback and he didn't disappoint one bit. I love this song SOOOO MUCH!!! I was so addicted to this song for about 2 months, it is so GOOD! Then I found other songs and got distracted but I still love this song a lot. The sound, his voice, the chorus is catchy and I always want to do the dance. I love the mv, the dance performance video is just as fun to watch as the mv. I love watching Taemin dance. He's amazing!

1. "Blood, Sweat and Tears" - BTS

Who knew this was gonna be #1? Well, it is! I chose Blood, Sweat and Tears as my #1 because I absolutely love this song. Simple as that! It's amazing, if the views and the audience don't express that enough then I don't know what will. My favorite part from this song is Rap-Monster's part "Peaches and Cream, Sweeter than Sweet, Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings!" SO SEXY! Also the chorus is so upbeat and I always want to spring out of bed. I like that the sound has a sexy feel to it. The mv is already noticed as amazing in itself! The choreography is impressive as well. This song has AMAZING written all over it!

What are your TOP 16 K-Pop or Korean songs of 2016? Did I mention any that you loved? LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW! ^.^~

I love your list, every song on this is amazing
Thank you!
See The Light is my favorite Got 7 song. I also love the OST from Entertainer that MinHyuk sings called I See You, and the OST from Cinderella and the Four Knights by BTOB
I still haven't seen the Entertainer but I love Minhyuk's voice! And I do love that OST as well from Cinderella and Four Knights.