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Interesting—the upcoming time-travel KBS drama Mi-rae’s Choice (also translated Future Choice) looks a lot more cute and light-hearted than I was anticipating. With just the description to go on, I’d presumed it would be mostly dramatic as Yoon Eun-hye is somehow confronted by her older self, who finds a way to travel back to her thirtysomething version to warn her about her future. As in, don’t marry Lee Dong-gun. (And I’m wondering, why the heck not? I hope there’s a good reason that doesn’t involve him being a serial killer or lowlife.) In the whimsical trailer, we see Mi-rae (Yoon Eun-hye) mulling over her dilemma: Lee Dong-gun is “the man I want to love,” but Jung Yong-hwa is “the man I have to love.” I’m a little puzzled since wouldn’t you want to end up with the guy you want to love, not the one you feel you ought to? Ah, well I’m sure the show will answer that in due course. At least Mi-rae knows it’s hardly the worst problem in the world to have, as she smiles and the caption tells us, “It’s a happy choice and dilemma.” Then Choi Myung-gil shows up as the 2043 version of Mi-rae and the question becomes “Who is the heroine dealing with this happy problem?” Both ladies wrestle to claim the remote control (cute metaphor) and wonder, “Me?” Haha. I do hope that is a metaphorical representation of the conflict and not that we’ll actually have them fighting over who gets the right to drive the Mi-rae bus, because doesn’t that defy the laws of time and space or something? In any case, while I hadn’t been thinking that Mi-rae’s Choice would be in the romantic comedy vein, I won’t be disappointed in the least if that’s what we get. I have yet to see Jung Yong-hwa come alive in any of his acting roles (which is funny since he’s much more engaging as himself, I think), but I’m looking forward to watching the sparks fly between Yoon Eun-hye and Lee Dong-gun. I’ll be crossing my fingers that the show can deliver on the tone of this preview—comedic, bright, and a little dreamy. Mi-rae’s Choice will follow Good Doctor on Mondays and Tuesdays, premiering October 14.