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Hey guys it's me again with another installment of this story. As you can tell I am crazy and have allot of time on my hands. I just kept typing. Anywho I hope you guys like this one. Who knows when I'll have the next up so I figured I would get this over with. Ahh please understand that this is just a story so character personalities are not the same and real life. Also thanks again to @Choijiah. Her game is 👇 if you want to play Choijiah One Eleven
Regret, embarrassment, curiosity and so many more emotions seemed to be plagueing me during these past couple months. From hearing her voice on my speakers to remembering the faces she made in high school. Tae Chan was now bulldozing her way into my mind and continually showing up on this trip. Why was that anyways? Did she really mean what she said when she was sorry? That Pansy never contacted me and I was okay with that. Over the years I've worked hard to build a life that makes me happy and dated here and there. Apparently old high school loves die hard. After deciding on brushing up on my English by watching a English dubbed anime I never seen I discovered Tae Chan's occupation. At first I brushed it off after I found her name in the credits. It was fine for about two days then I started imagining her standing in the Booth straining to morph her voice into that of a cartoon character. Then I thought about her eyes, lips..... And touch. I think I lost it after that. I was curious about her life and if she thought of me. It sounds dumb I know but I really did love her even if she made mistakes back then. Yeah me bring up the past. I thought I was past it. (end first of person) Dongwoon bounced the ball in his hands and took a shot. From all his thinking he was starting to feel like he was going crazy. Han Tae Chan was irritating him to no end the more he thought about her. At first he felt his heart want to reach out to her then he always seems to find himself resenting her. This morning he felt his heart soften and he wanted to see her after running into Junhyung and the others during breakfast. He decided to take a chance and go see her even if he would ask her about the anime she works on. Sadly he couldn't bring himself to knock on the door. Instead he paced back and forth debating until she showed up looking like a hot mess with her heels in her hands her hair thrashed. She was still cute. He moved to get the ball then went back into place. Today was the last day of this reunion and eventhough he didn't want it to end he knew he had no choice. He was never going to see her again in person. All he would have was this dumb little anime character that she voices to keep him annoyed. Many times he had debated on finding the anime as being fate or coincidence. It was the anime that made him think of her. That was when his mind started to go down hill. Now every time she stood in front of him he tried desperatly to hide his insanity. Always keep it cool. Ignore her like she doesn't bother you and then the few slips when he let her see he was thinking about her. You can't take those back. " I thought you would be participating in the games," Her voice snapped Dongwoon out of his thoughts. He turned around plastering a calm look on his face. "I rather not," he stepped back as he fought himself from giving her a good look over. Apparently this was his only defence mechanism, not letting her see him sweat. "what did you want to talk to me about? You seemed pretty set on walking back and forth till you made a hole outside my door," "to see if you were still breathing. They carried you off in a mess last night," and you looked worse this morning. He turned to dribble the ball and take a shot. "I survived. Junhyung and the others took care of me," ''you made up with Hyunseung," 'your favorite person in the world who I am always next in line to.' "that was my goal.....are you going to be in town for a while?" Dongwoon caught the ball and went back to his spot. "you set new goals," he started again bouncing the ball. 'Go catch up with Hyunseung.' "No just one of many....So do you want to catch up or beat around the bush?" "I have a girlfriend," 'she has big blue eyes and I see her every time I watch my show. They should have drawn on bigger boobs.' "yeah I didn't ask if you wanted to sleep together " Tae Chan moved between Dongwoon and the basketball hoop. She unfolded her arms and looked straight up at him as he stopped dribbling the ball. "do you really resent me?" she breathed with a hint of emotion in her voice. He comment caught him off guard and when she made sure to face him Dongwoon felt irritated. He didn't want to let her know that he misses her. No one should know. He would eventually move on or continue to fantasize about her until he loses his mind. It was better then........OK it was a bad idea. The male turned around not knowing what to say and started walking feeling defeated. As he walked he suddenly turned to see if she was still there. He didn't hear footsteps so she wasn't following him. "Are you happy?" was all he could muster up to say and even that confused him. Why ask that? She was happy in another country doing whatever she wants. He didn't need to ask that. Tae Chan smiled at his question. She made her way up to Dongwoon. "he speaks," she teased just before she took the ball from his hands. Tae Chan looked at the ball in her hands and tossed it up lightly. "Am I happy? Who knows the definition to that?" she caught the ball and stood back. "are you happy?" she asked him back while her eyes settled on his face. It seemed this girl had no answer. Dongwoon reached out taking the ball from he hands. "I am. I have a job I like and live in a country that let's me," he dribbled the ball once then placed it under his arm. "well what about this fake girlfriend of yours? Doesn't she make you happy?" Tae shot back crossing her arms. She knew he was lying? Did Hina tell her? Of course she did and anyone else that he contacted. Dongwoon furrowed his brow. "she has your voice," he breathed just before he walked passed her. Dongwoon didn't stop this time to look back. Instead he kept walking as he realized how stupid he was to let that slip. If would take it back he would but time doesn't work that way. You can't travel back. Tae Chan's POV: "she has your voice," the male made his way passed Tae Chan leaving her behind as he left the court and disappeared down the path. Tae Chan stood there baffled by his words. Her voice? How did his fake girlfriend have her voice? Tae Chan grumbled and decided to continue her plans of getting a massage. She left herself on the path to go find the building.



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