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ITS EVEN BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM. I'm also kind of scared for them because we all know how large groups don't always stay large...
What do you guys think? Did you like it? Did you love it?! Are you joining the Varsity train? I'm so pumped and excited for these guys. So much yes. They look and sound amazing. #MisfistsSquad @resavalencia @isolate @AngelaDarkness @alltimerejectx @szewwy @twistedPuppy @thatphamily @jojojordy2324 @SatinSkies @destiny1419 @geekywriterabby @JiyongLeo @Bangtanss @roughyenHyuno #Casablanca @TracyLynnn @aliahwhbmida @CallMeMsDragon @AaliyahNewbell @nnatalieg @Lexxcisco @sarangseoltang @SkyBlast @WooJaii0914 @AimeeH Let me know if you want to be added or removed from my taglist LINE ID: oppasmanbun
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Wait where do I know you from ;-;, your account sounds so familiar
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