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Let's Bring Waifu Wednesday's Back!

Hey Otakus!

So I've noticed that sadly on of the Community's Themed days has totally disappeared especially since our founding mother @hikaymm stopped posting *inserts crying face*


The Mod Crew & I want to bring it back!!

Since it is sudden for you Waifu Lovers out there today's theme will be a normal Free Be! Any Waifu Goes!❤

So let's get Started!

My Waifu is the Lovely Erza Scarlet❤

Anime : Fairy Tail❤

Credit to all of the Artist❤

So Help Us Out Otakus and Bring Back Waifu Wednesday's!!

Dont forget to tag me @AimeBolanos or the Mod Crew! @OtakuDemon10 @AmazingAshley

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AHHHHH!!!!! XD @AimeBolanos
7 months ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos if you do a waifu Wednesday Juvia edition is die inside (of happiness of course) ... She is truly the ultimate Waifu🙋😐
7 months ago·Reply
@ZakariahForbes XD I could do a Fairy Tail Edition (Since sadly not everyone thinks of Juvia as their Waifu😭)
7 months ago·Reply
As long as there's a a Juvia segment we cool 😀... looking forward to it🐬
7 months ago·Reply
@ZakariahForbes Glad to hear that!😄
7 months ago·Reply