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Que tal peeps!

Here is part 3...


Yoongi gives him the death stare and everyone quickly leaves thanking you for the delicious breakfast. Tae and Hobi playfully yell our what belonging of Jungkook they will take once Yoongi kills him. "So I see you like disrespecting my woman and me?" Yoongi says in a cold tone. "No disrespect hyung...I'm appreciate art." Jungkook says. "Smart ass boy who thinks he's a man." Yoongi says. "Yoongi I think Kookie is just playing you don't have..." "Naw baby he thinks he's grown well he will learn today." Yoongi says while walking over to Jungkook. Jungkook made in his mind that he would not show any fear but that all went out the door with Yoongi standing in front of him. Jungkook tried to be tough but all that went out the door. "Okay you made that obvious you like (y/n) so by flirting and talking back you obviously think I'm not man enough to be her protect please her. Obviously little fuck boy thinks he will do a better job at being my woman's man. So one of the major tasks of being my woman's man is making my lovely woman come." Yoongi paused and grinned. "Wait you have to be kidding Yoongi." You say trying to sound alarmed but low key you loved where Yoongi was going with this. "Whoever can make (y/n) come the quickest is the real man. If you win I won't mind letting you flirt with her...hell even get a little head from her if I'm in the room." Yoongi said in an evil tone. "Well what if I loose Yoongi?" "You will be my house slave for a month and I will pick out your clothes." Yoongi said. Jungkook and Yoongi shook hands. "Um am I supposed to be okay with this....I mean it is me you are using as a bet Yoongi." Yoongi bit down on your ear and press on your nub through your shorts. "Baby you are already I'm guessing you are curious too." Yoongi sat down and put on the timer. Jungkook kissed you softly. Then deeply while playing with your breasts. His mouth tasted so good. You let out a small moan as he pulled up your shirt over your head. "Noona I've always wanted to suck on these." Jungkook said while softly sucking on your right nipple. "Kookie don't call me that now...." You moan. Jungkook allowed his hand to go in your shorts. He played with your nub softly as he moved to the other breast with his lips. The sucking noises was such a turn on. Yoongi watched. He licked his lips. He looked so hot. You were surprised that he would allow anyone to touch you. Jungkook pulled down your pants and laid you out on the floor. You were exposed right under Yoongi's nose. Jungkook lowered himself in between your legs and replaced his fingers with his mouth. You had no idea he was so talented. You gasp as you felt his warm wet memeber rubbing and sucking on you. "Make more noise..." You moaned. Suddenly Yoongi.........


1. Adjusts himself and watches 2. Call all bets off and joins in the fun


Ride Or Die Peeps