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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Chapter 3
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 2
Next Part: Chapter 4
Warning: Strong language. Mentions of gay sexual acts/themes.
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Narrator's P.O.V:
"I'll be back in eight hours so we can walk home together," Jimin smiled at Taehyung and Jungkook, who were opening the door to their pet shop. They both smiled and nodded, and walked inside. Jimin walked a few blocks down to the strip club he co-owned.
"Alright, let's get to work," Taehyung smiled to Jungkook, who turned around the sign in the front to say "open". Since they were young, they loved animals. They often spent their weekends teleporting around town, feeding and saving helpless animals. Of course, that was during the beginning of high school when they both discovered they had superhuman abilities.
Now, they both owned a small pet shop, selling animals and other things along with them. It seemed like the perfect job. If one were to escape, Jungkook could easily teleport around to find it. If they were selling an animal, Taehyung would already know what the animal liked, and if it was friendly. If it wasn't, he could manipulate it to be.
Jungkook was stocking the shelves and Taehyung was feeding the animals when someone walked in. Taehyung immediately turned to the door to say hello, but stopped when he saw the face of who he was greeting. It was Kim Woo Bin.
He willed his face to keep a smile, acting as if he didn't know the man. He managed to keep his composure.
"Hello sir, how are you?" he smiled. As a precaution, Taehyung reached into the cage of the snake he was feeding and let it coil happily around his arm. He smiled down at the snake, silently telling it to keep it's guard up. It slithered back in response, resting it's small but deadly head on his shoulder.
"Oh, i'm great. I was just wondering if you had any chew toys that a poodle would like? Mine is teething and i'm getting tired of replacing my shoes," he laughed. Taehyung chuckled and nodded, telling the guy to follow him. He couldn't stop the stressful beat of his heart.
"Kookie, why don't you go take stalk in the back. The driver will be here to take the order in two hours," Taehyung lied. From the other side of the store, Jungkook nodded and walked to the back, not catching on to the lie.
Taehyung hummed thoughtfully in the toy isle before pulling out a bone. He handed it to the man with his arm that had the snake coiled around it. Taeyhung smiled and shook his head.
"It won't bite you unless i tell it to. I have no reason to though," He gave a wide boxy smile to the man. He hesitantly took the toy, but nodded in thanks as Taehyung explained how the toy would help. "I always recommend this for teething puppies. You slip it's favorite treat inside if the top of the bone, and screw it shut. It'll be glued to it for hours trying to get the food out. At some point though, i'd give it to the puppy. If they aren't rewarded for at least trying, they'll give up easily. If it doesn't work, please don't hesitate to come back and i'll recommend something else."
"Thank you. Where do i pay?" The man asked, checking his watch quickly.
"Follow me to the counter." Taehyung smiled. Once he walked behind the counter, he was thankful that he forgot something. "One moment while i get the keys to turn the register on."
The man nodded, taking out his phone to text someone while he waited. Taehyung slipped to the back, looking down at Kookie before tilting his head up.
"Crush." He whispered. Not a second later was Jungkook gone, teleporting back to the house. That was the emergency code word they used when an immediate escape was needed.
Taehyung wiped his forehead, petting the snaked head momentarily to calm it down as it sensed his stress, before walking out. The man looked up and smiled and so did Taeyhung. He rang him up calmly.
"Have a good day sir!" He called after the man.
"You do the same, Kim Taehyung." Once the door closed and the man was gone, he fell to the floor feeling his heart rate pick up. How did he know his name? Was he on to them?
"Taehyung... relax. He looked at the monitor when you rang him up. It has your name on it."
Taehyung looked down at the snake and smiled, thanking it for knocking some sense into him. Yes, he could also speak to animals, but not all of them could speak. Only the few who were reborn humans as animals.
He quickly called Jungkook, telling him it was okay to come back. He appeared right in front of him with worry written on his entire body. He fell to his knees and hugged Taehyung close to him, sighing into his neck. He was careful not to touch the snake as he didn't want to aggravate it.
"Kookie i'm okay, honestly. That was Kim Woo Bin. He was just coming in to get something for his poodle." Taehyung explained. Jungkook didn't care and kept hugging him. His breath fanned against Taehyung's neck, making him bite his lip and push Jungkook away gently.
Jungkook let go and sighed, leaning his forehead against Taehyungs. He closed his eyes and smiled.
"I'm glad you're okay V," He whispered, using his nickname. They both stood up and calmed down a bit. "I'll text Yoongi and tell him what happened. It's a good thing he didn't see me, or else, that'd put a hole in our plan."
Taehyung nodded and returned to the snake's cage, letting it slither back inside.
"Thank you for staying on my arm to protect me Jen." He thanked her once again
"My pleasure Taehyung." He herd her voice echo in his head.
Four blocks down, Jimin was in his strip club, enjoying the atmosphere more than he should've. I wasn't as packed as he thought it would be, which he was thankful for, and no one gawked at him as they were all busy feeding and satisfying each other. It was the one place he could walk into without feeling every eye glue to his body.The workers knew better than to bother him when he was there as well.
Slowly, he walked around the room, focusing on how many pheromones he let out into the club. Releasing them into the atmosphere would help significantly, but it would take a long time. It also helped the business. The more vulnerable and full of desire the customers were, the more they'd feel like staying and spending their money.
He didn't like doing it though. He felt as if he was using them in all the wrong ways, but he had no other choice. He needed to let everything out before the mission came, or he'd be a mess and could faint at any time.
He ordered a beer, and sat all the way at the back of the room in a booth meant for six people. There was no table in the middle, but just a single pole blocking his line of sight. He crossed his legs, closed his eyes, tilted his head back, letting the music flow through him. He focused on the release of pheromones to the beat of the song, and was extremely careful not to let off too many. He felt like he was performing a surgical operation with all the focusing and precision.
Another reason he didn't like this method, was because of the extreme urge to be touched that came along with it.
After about an hour of sitting there, focusing, he could feel a slight sense of relief but knew exactly what followed after that. His heart rate instantly picked up it's pace, and despite the fact that the club was a comfortable temperature, he began to sweat. He panted as beads of sweat dripped from his dark locks, sliding down his neck and ears. His pants felt a little tighter on him as his member twitched to life. Whimpers escaped his lips and he reached up, ripping off the button of his blazer. Next was his shirt which he ripped down the middle.
"Someone's having trouble controlling his abilities i see," A voice teased him from the side. He knew the owner of that slick voice. He opened his eyes and was met with the face of the other owner. The smiled that played on his lips pissed Jimin off.
"Unless you're going to help, fuck off Taemin." He groaned, biting down on his lip. Taemin held up his hands in defense.
"I'm only here to warn you that what you're doing won't work. Someone here has the same ability as you, and are currently doing the same thing. They don't look as severe though-"
"So... I'm basically-"
"Making everything worse for yourself? Yes. He's giving off, you're giving off, meaning you're both taking in." Taemin finished for him, sighing. He could see him struggling in a way he never had before, and he knew it was because Jimin wasn't taking care of his problem daily.
"You know you're supposed to have sex at least once a day in order to control yourself, right? You can't wait for two weeks until you get severe like this!" Taemin scolded him.
"What do you expect me to do?! Find a slut on the side of the goddamn street every single day? Or do you think i should keep fucking my best friends? What do you want me to do Taemin?!"
"I want you to find someone who can help you every day instead of waiting till the last minute!" He yelled, clearing his throat after a few people looked at them. "Get up, I'm taking you home-"
"You can't!" Jimin cut him off, grabbing his arm that was reaching to take him. Jimin looked up at Taemin, pleading to him with his eyes not to do this.
"You're going home. I'm taking you home. You're going to admit to Yoongi how you fucking feel. You're going to grow a pair, and solve this problem one way or another do you hear me?" Taemin, his best friend scolded him.
"Please... don't do this," Jimin pleaded, but it was no use. Taemin was already using his ability to teleport him home. Taemin couldn't teleport himself like Junkook could, but only objects or people.
Jimin appeared on the couch in front of J-Hope and Yoongi who were both eating some ramen on the couch. He groaned and attempted to stop the release of pheromones, but he'd already let it get out of hand. The fact that him and another person were doing the exact same thing made it worse.
Yoongi and J-Hope felt the familiar heat spread through their bodies and Jimin whimpered, trying his best to take control. He could barely even apologize.
"I'm gonna kill Taemin for this." Yoongi yelled before walking to Jimin. He knew damn well that Taemin teleported him to their house for him to take care of Jimin. His eyes glowed orange in anger as he grabbed Jimin by the belt of his pants, yanking him to his feet.
Jimin couldn't even protest as Yoongi dragged him to his room.
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