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It's fact week for this Panda and I'm spreading the love to my top groups in finding little facts about the members. In Twice I focused on 4 of the girls out of the 9, no worries I'll be back with the others later lol. These girls in Twice need a little bit of love!
Tzuyu is so adorable and even as she's one of the younger girls she's also the tallest! Tzuyu is my Bias in the group lol I admit to it!
Momo is adorable and very talented and its no wonder they personally brought her back!
Mina! Ah Mina!!! lol She is very talented in many ways, both vocally and flexibility. She used to be a Ballerina and her skills can be easily carried out in her chero, lucky Mina!
lol Jungy! Her and her sister look so adorable together and very close.
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how did you know I'm on a twice kick......ugh I'm like T T
lol your not the only one! 😁