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Hey guys! I wanted to start this off by first saying thank you to @turnuptae for letting me join the SF9 mod support! So, I am still quite new to SF9 in general, so please bear with me as I begin to learn more about these adorable boys. On Fridays I will be bringing you cards about Zuho, which I am very excited about!
Just a little bit about myself
*My name is Anna, but you can call me bapastro if you like
*I am a sophomore in college and I finally decided what major I wanted to go into... Finally. Oh and I'm 20
*So, before I even knew SF9 existed, I started watching this cute drama on Netflix called Click Your Heart. I had only made it to the fourth episode however and quit watching. Before I get sidetracked, when I watched Click Your Heart, I "picked" Zuho as my bias in the show, and then when fanfare came out, I "picked" him as my bias in the group. I still didn't know at the time that the drama was SF9 when this had happened...
*I only just got into kpop back in April of 2016.
*I am also the moderator for the Block B community which I am so excited about!
*My top 5 kpop groups are probably Monsta X, Block B, Astro, Seventeen, and Pentagon.
*I am also a supporter for the Monsta X, Pentagon, and Seventeen communities. I'm so excited for this quarter!
*My ultimate bias is I.M of Monsta X and my ultimate bias wrecker is Zico of Block B!
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Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you as well ☺