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Hello everyone! bapastro here! I hope that everyone is having a great Saturday! As I was writing this Toy started playing... Speaking of Toy, when I first had gotten into kpop, Block B had had a comeback a few days later, which just so happens to be Toy. However, Toy wasn't my first song that I had listened to by Block B. More about that down below. So, I will be making cards for Zico on Saturdays and I am very excited to be Moderator for this community. Block B have a very special place in my heart.
A Little Bit About Myself
~My name is Anna, but you can call me bapastro if you like!
~I am a Sophomore in college, and I am 20 years old.
~Zico just so happens to be my Ultimate bias wrecker. He used to be my Ultimate bias before I.M of Monsta X came into the picture.
~Block B was my first group that I looked up on my own without my best friend showing me a video of the group. She tried to show me Toy when they had their comeback, but at that time I was too far up BTS's music to want to branch out and look into other groups. Now here I am...
~My favorite songs of Block B's are probably Walkin' In the Rain, Nalina, Nillilli Mambo, Toy, and Her.
~My top 5 kpop groups are probably Monsta X, Block B, Astro, Seventeen, and Pentagon.
~I am also a supporter for the SF9, Pentagon, Monsta X, and Seventeen communities. I'm so excited for this quarter!
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