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so my Waifu is Brcok...if i had to be any other Pokemon Trainer I would be him (I honestly could see me make food for pokemon's or caring for them) I'm like Brock in every way


I honestly was picking both females in Pokemon I actually do like.
Misty: I honestly can see me dressing like her and holding a cute pokemon in my arms the entire time! But I did find her Pokemon so adorable especially togepi
Jesse: I love the lines she would say with James (90's version thou) but I honestly love villains/bad-guys idk just something about them I like, guess they have a lot of back stories of why they're who they're
thats all for now guys....oh don't be sad, i'll be back again real soon, so stay tuned to my next cards!

My Pokemon Team

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@Gracielou0717 yas!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @Kell13 lol I had to take advantage it lol @JustinDiaz YOU KNOW YOU!! LOL
Only the best waifus use their frying pans as drying pans.
OMG! Misty is definitely my waifu!😍 I'm cosplaying her for an anime convention in two days! So excited! I even have togepi!πŸ’™
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@ChristiLoveLive oh I'm in Michigan and I'm doing the one in Detroit
brock is best girl
That Brock part had me dead πŸ’€πŸ’€
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