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Firstly, I want to thank @CosmicCassidy for letting me join the Seventeen mod support! I am incredibly grateful and so very excited for this quarter!! I chose Boom Boom for this picture because this is literally my favorite song by them right now. I'm even wanting to start learning the dance!
So, I will be making cards on Saturdays and they will be featuring The8, Vernon, and Joshua! So, a funny story(it's really not funny). I had a dream where the nine remaining members of exo had performed at my college, and The8 was in the audience. It was very strange, but I think that's one of the reasons why he is my bias in the performance unit.
However, my main bias in Seventeen is Woozi and my bias wrecker is Vernon!
Honestly the reason why I first got into Seventeen was pinterest, I believe. There was a post on there that had said something along the lines of Woozi looking like Suga, and I had been BTS trash(still am) at the time, so I typed in Woozi in the search engine and it popped up Mansae I believe as one of the videos. I seriously thought they were saying my city, my city, my city, the first few times I listened to that song... Oops
A Little About Me
~I'm 20 years old and currently a Sophomore in college
~My name is Anna, but you can call me bapastro if you like
~I.M of Monsta X is my ultimate bias, and Zico of Block B is my ultimate bias wrecker.
~I just started listening to K-Pop back in April of 2016
*I am also the moderator for the Block B community which I am so excited about!
*My top 5 kpop groups are probably Monsta X, Block B, Astro, Seventeen, and Pentagon.
*I am also a supporter for the SF9, Pentagon, and Monsta X communities. I'm so excited for this quarter!
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