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Why read this??well there's something in it for you!

So many things that made the anime community's grow have ceased halt and have ended.... Fortunately we want to bring them back!!!! In this card there will be something for every otaku to get excited about!! (hopefully 馃)

This season is starting a new fresh year on Vingle and a fresh new year for us Otakus!!!

I wanted to announce that I (along with others) will be bringing back old Traditions along with new ones!! This year I plan on to give a lot more with anime recommendations, manga recommendations, learning Japanese ,Birthday cards and much more!!


Some old events from the past I will be starting back such as : "The Most Badass women in anime" (Vin's old tradition pic 2 ) & "Learn Japanese with anime characters!!" ( poojas old tradition pic 3) and continuing collections I have not posted on for a while!!

There have been collections that I have not posted to in a while so bear with me !! List starts below of collections I'm going to start back up!!!

Sorry that I have not posted BIRTHDAYs in a few months馃槗I've been so busy with life and work... However I do plan on starting it back up!!

I Have not forgotten this collection but this is on the list because I plan on posting more to the collection!!! So look forward for more recommendations!!

I Have tons of manga prepared for you guys!!!

A lot of people seem to like my reviews / Theory's about weekly chapters of fairy tail so I plan on starting back up my weekly FT manga reviews

Like said above I am starting this back up!!!!

This I have not posted much to in the past but I plan to post more!!

I still plan on posting to these collections regularly!!

Q1 One support crew!!

@OtakuDemon10 - Hinata-Chan @LuffyNewman - Strawhat Ninja @ProphecyChild1 - Sasuke Uchiha @SimplyAwkward - Crystal Ninja!! @Taylor18920 - Mod

I plan on making this year count with tons more anime recommendations, manga recommendations and much more!! And one more thing馃槄猬囷笍猬囷笍

Tag List!

So I don't really use Tag lists that much (nor do I plan on using them to much either) but anyways if anyone wishes to be tagged on my cards with anime recs and info on them then comment below or message me 馃槈 Just some tags I picked up of the people who asked me to tag them/ Naruto fans /and a few of my followers! So far : (if you want to be removed just ask 馃槄I know some of you do) @biancadanica98 @Gracielou0717 @Itlulia @Fromtheheart @normabm7 @alliepetey @Kirik @LateefMolette @LemonLassie @AmazingAshley @ChristiLoveLive @rexamisprime @SantaraJones @otakufangirl @hinatahyuga @MoisEsGaray @TerenceRexiel @Naruto5018 @AnimeFreak484 @FairyTailFan56 @SimoneSanders @rarleen40 @xDaisyDaysx @OtakuDemon10 @LuffyNewman @ProphecyChild1 @SimplyAwkward @Nana40 @NathanBryden @JeannieDunaj
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Cool! Glad the Anime Community is having such fun things going on. I'll just follow the collections instead of asking to be tagged. Easier that way.
yes!!! so siked for these collections! glad to see im on ur taglist (:
Great card and good spread of info NAKAMA!! Looking forward to it all and def to help my NAKAMA!!
I would gladly like to be tagged kudasai. ^_^ These all look like they'll be great!
Plz tag me in all of them