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It had been a week since my mom had been home and she seemed like she was doing good. I bet the meds are working wonders. But I hadn't heard from Jungkook at all no texts or calls. I couldn't handle it. I called him one time to see if he'd answer and lucky me he did. I almost cried. "Hello." He said into the phone. "Jungkookie." I smiled "Sarah." "I have something I want to talk about." "I'm sorry I haven't called you often." "Jungkookie I understand you are busy. I wanted to tell you. My mom is doing better, so if I can save up a bit more money we can come out in 2 weeks." "Really!" He was excited. "Yup. My mom keeps bugging me about you she wants to meet you in person." "I have a better idea then." He said "What's that?" "I have a couple days off next week. Why don't I come out there to see you " "For real?" I had just become really happy with the idea of him coming here. "Yeah I wanna know where you lived before coming here." "If you can do that, I would be so happy. I really have been miserable without you here." "Just like I have been." "Ok you have to let me know if you can come out or not but I will save up my money just in case." I smiled. I would be able to keep a good mindset if he was the goal. "I will, I'll talk to the guys and Pdnim and make sure it's ok." "Ok!" We talk for an hour before he had to hang up. I walked out of my room with a smile placed on my face. "I take it you talked to Jungkook." My mom said as I walked out. "Yes! How can you tell?" I asked sitting next to her on the couch. "That smile you have placed on your face, kind of gives it away since you have been so serious this last week." "Well he might come out next week." "I thought we were going to go there?" "Well he suggested to come here next week. He had time off so he wants to see us." "Oh sweetie he really wants to see you. Now you know the rules, know in the house." "Geez mom act like I'm a child again." "You will always be a child to me." "Ok mom." I laughed. "But Jungkook and I have not gotten to that level in our relationship and I think that is best for both of us." "Oh so he really is a nice boy." "Yes....he's really fun to be around." I smiled and started thinking of all the fun we had over the last month. "That makes me really happy. I was worried." "Why?" "Well I thought because of your dad leaving that you would shut out the idea of love." "He's different. He's not like the other guys I liked. He came after me not the other way around and before I even knew it I was falling hard for him. My mom and I talked for a bit more about Jungkook and I and then we went out and spent the day out having mother daughter time. . . . . ... ... . ... .... ... . Over the next week after Jungkook called with the green light, my mom and I were cleaning. We got the guest bedroom set up for him and made sure we were well stocked with food. It was just 1 day before he would be here and I was freaking out. "Ok I'm waiting to board my plane. The guys all said goodbye where we said goodbye. It's kind of weird leaving the country without them." "This is your first time going on your own huh?" "Yeah, but it'll be nice." "Ok so your flight gets in at night so we can get dinner ready after I pick you up." "Oh just you are coming to get me?" He asked "Yeah my mom said she didn't want to go and that she would be fine for a few hours on her here's to hoping her meds are really working." I nervous laughed. "Shell be fine. I think I have to wait a half hour longer before my plane boards." "Isn't it nice to not have to wait long after you go through security and all that." I asked "Mhm, but I think I should get food now." "Do a sandwich, that's easy to take on the plane and plus you'll get food on the flight." "'I got lots of snacks, and a sandwich sounds like a good idea." As he hunted down a place to by a sandwich we were talking and joking around. Then the time came for us to hang up. Just 16 hours and then I'll see him again. Since it was late here I fell alseep. When I woke up I only had 7 hours until his plan was here. I had to find things to keep me occupied because the time was ticking away do slowly.
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you're ticking away to slowly! YOURE KILKUN ME SMALLS!!! on to the next chapter!!!