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Hello everyone! Since it's the first week of me being a mod supporter, let's just get to know Hwiyoungie okay? Also,I just call him that because I don't know why I do actually, I just do? Any who, let's go!

About Hwiyoungie!

Stage Name: Hwiyoung Real Name: Kim Youngkyun Birthday: May 11, 1999 Birthplace: South Korea Blood Type: B Height: 177 cm Weight: 61 kg Position in Group: Rapper, Dancer Languages: Korean
This is just a couple of videos that I found of Hwiyoungie being cute! I don't know if you can, but I can't handle the cuteness!! ITS LIKE CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!
Here are some videos I found of otps. I don't necessarily ship them yet, but who knows I might. Any who if anyone has any ships comment them below, I'd like to know!!! Continuing.
I think that's it for today guys! I know it's not much, but I'm so exhausted with school starting back up and all of the extra work I've piled on myself AND the problems I have in my everyday life so yeah, that is it for this card. But I'm going to post a couple of pictures at the end to end this card on a high note so it's not all depressing. And oh my goodness this is giving me the best opportunity because Chani was my bias, but now that I'm covering my Hwiyoungie like I'm swerving lanes and I never thought I'd do that with this group (even though they're all good looking Tbh *cries*.) but I'm literally swerving the heck out of Chanis lane and I'm not even upset because Hwiyoung is amazing too and I love him so much! *cries again* I'm too emotional for this. I literally want them to take all of my money...I only have a few dollars (shameless seventeen comment ahead...) "I know I'm only seventeen I only got a few dollars." Truest statement for me in 2017 so far thank you Hansol for that. Anywho, chow for now! Hopefully I'll see you all next week! ~Stay Beautiful.
This is way more than a couple...

The Sensational Feeling Squad

Sensational Feeling Fam

Gorilla Mod Squad

•Korean☆Mod Squad•:

His Wings:

Fighters League-


Tree Protectors:

The NCT Team -

VIXXEN squad:

SHINee Support

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