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Waifu Wednesday returns! With a vengeance!

You may have heard the news, but Waifu Wednesdays are back, a day every week dedicated to our favorite anime girl crushes! I'm a little late, but it's still Wednesday, so it is my pleasure to present my waifu, at least for this week, Celty Sturluson (anime: Durarara!!)!
For those not familiar with the lovely Celty, she is a Dullahan, the headless black rider of Ikebukuro! She came to Japan in search of her head and works as a transporter.
With her smoking abilities and her trusty steed, Shooter, she's a total badass!
But at the same time, she's also super cute and timid, particularly around Shinra (OTP♡)!
And, I'm not gonna lie, she makes me a little sexually confused!
she's cute and a bamf
XD that last bit. Celty is awesome! I still need to finish Durarara x2.
@MarcusCollins I'm not too familiar with Final Fantasy, but I'm sure she's great in it! Durarara is one of those I watch both subbed and dubbed since the non linear narrative style lends itself well to rewatches, and I think it's very well cast, especially Celty!
but great pick, I love Celty
Gotta love Waifu Wednesdays.
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