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I didn't see this till now but as I am going to be really busy this week I am going to post the 3rd, 4th and 5th one all in this card... I will just make time on the 6th cuz it is his bday!!!
January 3rd, a song that reminds me of him??? The one that does the most is his group's Stop Stop It as he was the main character in the MV... Every time I hear it I just wish I could be the girl and give him my attention so he isn't sad, hurt or confused...
January 4th, a present I would give him: I know some people might find this stupid but I believe in certain superstitions such as gemstones wielding protective powers... As he is a leader and prone to negative energies I would want to send him a ring to protect him from thus... As I favor Onyx I would give him the ring shown... It is simple yet elegant and would match everything so there would be no need to take it off and therefore always protected...
January 5th, where would I take him??? As I know he loves chicken, I would take him to eat it, even if the place only serves chicken (I absolutely hate fowl therefore will not eat it)... Afterwards go to the theater and then end the night with some fun... Bowling is so much fun I am sure he will like it... Stay tuned for his bday card on the 6th!!!
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