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Benio Adashino! She's such a bad ass character and exorcist! She's the other half to Rokuro Enmado, and together they are known as the Twin Star Exorcists. They were destined to marry and give birth to the Miko who will destroy all the Kagare! Benio is 14 years old at the beginning of the series and is a certified bad ass! She's a well known exorcist and has a taste for ohagi! She's mostly serious and hides a lot of sorrow due to her trouble childhood. She is quite funny thou in her own way especially since she came up with Ohagi Man! Her relationship with Rokuro starts off rocky but they gradually warm up to each other. She trains on a daily basis and wants to grow to be the strongest exorcist! She cooks some weird healthy food that Rokuro swears is disgusting (but he eats it anyways lmao) I don't want to spoil anything more but I like her character! She's really an adorable and sweet character and under her exorcist exterior she is a normal teenager which is always fun to watch! Just wish they would speed up the process in the anime compared to the manga (which I really got to get around to reading!) Don't own any of the pics 😁
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@strifers11 Sousei no onmyouji (twin star exorcists)
what is the name of this anime?