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It's been a while since I last posted a fanfic so here is a oneshot I have been working on ♥♥♥
You smiled as Hoseok wrapped his arms around your waist, from behind, kissing your neck his warm skin against yours,"Goodmorning hun." He just groaned as he dug his sleepy face onto your neck.
You laughed as you continued to flip pancakes as he clung to you. "Hun. Can you hand me the plates over there." He nodded as he finally let go of you to grab the plates,"Do you have anything planned today?" You shook your head,"No why?" He smiled as he put a strawberry in his mouth,"Let's go do something."
"Okay tonight because you have work and I have a deadline coming up. Okay?" He stuck his tongue out at you while you placed the food on the table,"Fine." You smiled as you sat down,"It would've been done by now if someone wasn't so needy last night." He licked his lips as he bent down to kiss you before he sat in his chair digging into the pancakes,"Totally worth it right?" You giggled at his sexy remark as you wiped off the syrup on his chin. "Yeah totally worth it."
After breakfast he got ready for work and you locked yourself into your office as you began writing the second part of your trilogy. You kept rewriting the end but nothing good ever came to you. One part would seem like a good idea at first but after reading it a few times it seemed to cliché. You groaned as you got more and more frustrated.
"Ahhhhhh! Why did I choose to be a writer?!"
You sighed as you continued to type away when your phone beeped. You smiled as you saw it was from Hoseok. You then opened the message:
jhobi: Hi baby don't work to hard and don't forget to eat<3. Can't wait for tonight~~ I love you muah (;
And with that you instantly felt better. Every single frustration in your body just disappeared. "Wow he must be enjoying himself at work." You smiled like a dork to yourself as you replied back.
You: Thanks hobi i feel so much better <3 i cant wait for tonight either ill make sure to wear the dress you love (;. I love you too (:
You then put your phone down and got to writing. After 2 hours or so you finally had finished writing and your eyes were starting to feel heavy. You looked at the clock and figured you can take a nap before your date with Hoseok. So you got up and went to the bedroom turned on your alarm and fell asleep.
You woke up to the sound of your phone it was Hoseok's ringtone. Fuck were you late? You answered the phone without looking at the time,"Hoseok hun I'm sorry I'll be there in a minute I just need to get rea--"
"Is this Ms. Min?" You heard a stranger say over the phone making you double check making sure the number was Hoseok's. It definitely was. "Y-Yes...who might this be?" The person was silent for a second,"Please come to XYZ hospital right now. Mr. Jung has been in a traffic accident."
Your brain took a while to process what he had just informed you but before you can say anything he had hung up. "N-No this is a prank it has to be. I'm sure I go over there and Hoseok and the boys would be laughing at me..." You the grabbed your sweater and keys and ran out the apartment and into your car. "Hoseok is fine...he has got to be..."
You then called your brother. "Sorry can't pick up the phone right now just call again later." You were shaking your heart was racing. So many thoughts was racing through your head. Yoongi is not answering. That means they were with Hoseok. 'I'm sure this is all a prank.' You thought to yourself but it wasn't convincing enough.
You finally got to the hospital."I'm here for Jung Hoseok. He was in a traffic accident and they cal--" Yoongi then interrupted you,"Y/N right here."
You couldn't get the anxious feeling off your chest. But you followed your brother into the hospital room. You prayed that when you went in there a smiling Hoseok would greet you with a smile with a cast on his leg. You prayed it was nothing big. You prayed he was safe.
When you finally got there Yoongi opened the door. "Y/N before you go in there...just hear what I have to sa--" You barged into the room to find Hoseok laying on the hospital bed with a blanket over his face. "Is he sleeping?"
"Y/N..." Yoongi said as you slowly approached Hoseok's lifeless body. "Wake up baby I'm here come on jokes over." You laughed as tears rolled down your face your worst fears being confirmed as you removed the blanket over his face and placed your hand on his heart that was no longer beating."Come on Hobi...this isn't funny anymore. Wake up." You fell to your knees weak from the shock as you firmly grabbed his hands,"Hoseok wake up! Please! It's not funny anymore!"
Yoongi ripped you away from Hoseok's body as you continued to cry out. It felt almost as if though the whole hospital was filling up with your pleas and screams. "Hoseok please!!" You screamed continuously your voice cracking. You knew you were losing your voice. But you didn't care. You continued to scream hoping and praying that somehow that would bring him back.
After an hour or so when you just became numb a nurse and a doctor came in to take Hoseok's body away. "Ms. Min can we talk to you?" You silently looked up at the doctor and nodded.
You followed the doctor into his office and took a seat on the chair in front of him. "You are aware that Mr. Jung has lost all contact with his blood relatives. So all we have down as a guardian is you. Mr. Jung was a listed donor but we still need you to sign some documents saying its fine for us to donate some organs for people who is in need of these organs."
You scoffed,"So you're asking me if it's okay to butcher my fiancé." You said the last part coming out as a squeak. The doctor cleared his throat,"Not necessaril--" You then stood up,"You said it yourself it was Hoseok's wish to be a donor. At least I pray to the people who recieve his organs to live well for him. That's my only condition. Tell them to live well." You left the doctors room crying once again. You covered your mouth afraid to cry out again. You hiccuped from crying to much. It was hard for you to breathe. It got harder but this was your reality now. To breathe, eat, and live without Hoseok. This was your own damn fucked up reality.
3 weeks has passed since Hoseok's death but you were still numb. It felt as if though yesterday you were just with him. He may have left you behind but the feelings you felt couldn't have been more alive. You moved out of the apartment you and Hoseok lived in together. It was suffocating. Every corner of that apartment had 7 years worth of memories you wanted to forget.
You were working on your new book when Yoongi knocked on your door. You lazily got up and opened the door to your room,"What?" He looked at you pitfully,"The hospital called they said the mother of a boy who recieved an organ from Hoseok wanted to thank the donor's family...Since he had just woken up." You scoffed,"Do I have to go?" Yoongi held your hands,"Look...I know your hurting still, I don't even know how much it hurts for you right now but at least show your face and see them. Please?" You nodded,"I'll get ready."
Yoongi smiled as you opened your closet and made yourself look presentable. You then got out of your room and you bow to Jin and Taehyung. "Wow we haven't seen you in forever how you holding up?" Jin smiled and asked you looked down,"Getting by I guess." They all went silent as Yoongi's room opened,"Oh you're ready. Lets go..."
The car ride there was silent. Everyone had been careful around you. Not a word during dinner about Hoseok. Your mother told you to live with Yoongi and the boys for a while rather than living alone. She was scared that I won't take care of myself or I might do something much worse.
"We're here." You nodded as you got off. When you arrived at the hospital it got even harder for you to breathe. You hatedthe hospital. The smell and the people. It reminded you of that day. You were scared to step foot in a hospital. You never told anybody of course.
When you got to the hospital room you were greeted by a lady probably in her late 40's. Yoongi told her something before she approached me. "You must be Mrs. Jung. Oh you're so young yet you lost your husband so ear--" Yoongi cleared his throat,"I'm fine Yoongi, and no ma'am we weren't married yet..." She looked down and bowed deeply,"You don't have to--"
"I am sorry for feeling happy when your mourning his death but, thank you! You saved my son's life he's only 22 and for him to still be alive I'm thankful." You looked at the boy in the bed. "He's only a year older than myself. Hoseok was 25..."
"And making the decision of giving his heart to a stranger must've been hard..." You smiled,"I just signed the papers. Hoseok was the one who decided to donate them. He was always giving..." Your eyes teared up as the boy woke up.
"Mom...whose that?" She immediately ran to his side,"She's the fiancé of the man who gave you his heart." You smiled at him and bowed,"Nice to meet you I'm Min Y/N and that's my brother Min Yoongi." He sat up and bowed,"My name is Jeon Jungkook. I'm sorry for your loss..." You approached him as you reached for his chest,"Is it okay if I..." He nodded,"Go ahead."
You then placed your hands over his heart. You cried as you felt the beating of Hoseok's once lifeless heart. It was hard for you to breathe again. You felt the warmth on your fingertips as if though your sunshine hasn't left your side. You closed your eyes and was startled when Jungkook grabbed your hands. "So-Sorry I just I don't know why but your expression made me want to hold your hand..." He immediately let go of your hand and you removed your hands from his chest. "Live well Jungkook..." You then made your way out and before you grabbed the door to open it Jungkook screamed.
"Can I see you again?" You turned around to look at him and smiled, "Sure..."

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Oh my ❤ it just hurts so bad. This got me. But I loved it 👍
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💖💖💖💖 thank youu
That was beautiful...and so sad 😭
im sorry 😢😢😢
This actually reminds me of a Kdrama I seen not too long ago.
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