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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven
Y/n's POV You and Junmyeon were standing at the top of a building just on the outline of SM Town territory. Yifan had paired you with Team B and Junmyeon was keeping you close. He was on the roof with you and Sehun was on an opposite roof top. You were pacing back and forth when Junmyeon turned to you and grabbed your hand to pull you down. "Relax what's got you so anxious?" He said. "I should be down there with the others. You didn't even give me a gun." You said. "You have your hand guns." "I meant the sniper." You said. Junmyeon looked back into the scope, "Neither me or Sehun are going to let you touch our guns. You're the same way." "It doesn't explain why I'm up here." You said. "Well it's because Yifan wants you watched just in case GOT7 had plans on getting their hands on you." "You both are paranoid." You said. Junmyeon shrugged, "Y/n it's no secret Exo has a girl in the group and it's no secret that every member of Exo would do anything to keep you alive. You're the perfect bait not just for us but for Yifan too. He has to becareful when it comes to you." You scoffed and turned your head. Over the radio you could hear the members securing their positions. Team A was split between drivers and gun men. Tao, Luhan and Jongdae covered the edge of SM Town territory. Yifan, Yixing and Minseok were paired with the remainder of Team B. While Sehun and Junmyeon held the roof tops, Chanyeol, Jongin, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo drove the guys into JYP territory. The group had chosen to take the closest bank to their territory rather than go to one of the JYP warehouses. This way they wouldn't be at such a disadvantage. Yixing and Minseok were in charge of blowing up shit. That was your little input to the plan, in which you took inspiration from Big Bang, they enjoyed blowing shit to pieces. You all couldn't go within the JYP territory though, that was too big of a risk. One of you could get caught and die. This was strictly get the money and go and there was no room for mess ups in this one because SM Town had no influence in this police department. Everything had to be exact. This was all put together last minute though. You guys made the plan and in the past two days Yifan kept you close by him while he straightened things out with his money. He started switching accounts to off shore accounts so they couldn't be traced or found. He left the password with you and only you. The pass code to get into the account was familiar though zero seven twenty four. You couldn't figure out why but those numbers continued running through your brain. Last night Yifan had talked to you... "Listen Y/n you need to do everything Junmyeon says." He said to you. "I don't get why you paired me with the snipers. No offense to Junmyeon and all but I'm a better shot when, oh I don't know, I can't actually see my target." You said annoyed. He lifted your chin so you could look him in the eyes. He looked down at you very intensely. That look you hadn't seen since you first started training to be a part of Exo. Well, in Yifan's perspective, retraining. He kissed your lips softly before he backed away so that you could look at him clearly. "Don't talk to me like that. Remember you belong to Exo, you belong to me." He said. "Possessive." You muttered. "I take care of what's mine." He said. You weren't his though. That's not what those memories were telling you. Park Jaebeom is who you belonged to. He was the one you loved. You could feel it in your heart anytime you said his name in your head or any time a memory came back. Yifan was probably more possessive because by now he knew, something was getting to you. Sometimes it showed on your face or when the flashbacks came and you tuned everything out. He had to know you weren't the same. It wasn't like you could go back to who you were when you were with Jay. He said you were innocent then and you sure as hell weren't now. Zero seven twenty-four. The numbers still went through your mind while you sat on the roof top with Junmyeon. Your breathing was so steady it was almost as if you had stopped breathing altogether. Zero seven twenty-four. "July twenty-forth." You whispered to yourself in realization. "Hm?" Junmyeon looked back at you when he heard you whisper but you didn't acknowledge him. "Y/n?" Junmyeon's voice faded out as another flashback came in.... "Have you two picked a date yet?" There was a man walking next to you, it wasn't Jay this time but it seemed like he was talking about your wedding. You nodded to him with a smile, "July twenty-forth but don't tell Tae just yet, Jay said he'll have a fit." You said. The man beside you chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "Yeah he really will." He said. This guy had a romantic vibe to him. He had a skinny nose and sharp cheek bones. His jawline was strong and slight longer than Jay's. You seemed to be comfortable around him. You seemed to trust him and adore him and he seemed to care about you too. "I still don't understand why Jay always has you pick me up." You said. "Well he just doesn't want you getting hurt." He said. You chuckled, "What does he think is going to happen to me? The boggy man is going to come and attack me?" "Well to be fair you were scared of the boggy man until the age fourteen." He said. "Okay it was thirteen and that is so not fair. I was afraid of the dark not the boggy man. To be honest no one really likes the dark." You chuckled. "I do." "Yes but you're a weirdo." You laughed. He messed up your hair and then wrapped his arm around you. It was like you were his little sister, it felt natural. "Hey I have a favor to ask, since I haven't spoken to my brothers in years and my father and mother are dead I have no one to walk me down the isle. I was wondering if you would do it." You said. He looked down at you with a big smile. "You want me to give you away?" You nodded, "Of course, you're the closest thing to family I have. I like you the most anyway. Don't tell the others." You joked. "Of course I'll walk you down the isle kid." He said bringing you into his embrace. He kissed the top of your head as you two walked down the street... "Here we go." Junmyeon said as he sat up to get ready to shoot. You peered over the ledge to see the cars driving quickly out of the territory. Cop cars were following close behind. Your brows furrowed and you heard Sehun's gun go off. The cop cars slid across the pavement and into a parked car. Another one crashed into the door of a building. There was still one tailing close behind and then another following behind that one. "How did they get so close to them already?" You said shocked. "Shit. Y/n start moving, the way it looks right now only one of us is getting out of here." He said. "Fuck that, I'm staying with you." You said. "No casualties remember?" Junmyeon said. "They're not in our territory so what if they die?" Wow Y/n really? No doubt you were questioning who were now. Junmyeon looked back at you from his sniper. His eyes got wide. "Fuck." He said. He jumped up quickly and grabbed your arm and ran to the edge of the roof. There was a building close by for you to jump onto with ease. "Go!" He said. You looked back to see someone running from another roof and coming to yours. "Junmyeon we can kill him." "Y/n go or neither one of us is getting out of here alive. I'll be right behind you now go and get out of the territory." He said. He pushed you closer to the ledge and you tossed one of your hand guns to him. He nodded to you and turned around and started shooting. You quickly jumped to the next roof top and then to the roof top right behind that building. The buildings were close enough that you weren't straining to make the jump. The building had a ladder to it that you climbed down quickly. Gun shots still went through the air then stopped. You looked up wondering if Junmyeon had killed whoever was chasing you two or if Junmyeon was dead. "Y/n!" A voice in your ear came. "Chanyeol?" You said into the radio piece. "Hurry up and get to the outline." He said. "Alright." You were still hanging on the ladder because it didn't reach down to the bottom. You looked down knowing you could make the jump you just had to be careful. You let go of the ladder and braced your knees to meet the ground. You landed on your feet well and aside from the slight painful tingle shooting up your legs you were fine. You looked behind you to see the same man you'd seen in your flashback standing there. He was breathing hard like he'd been running but he looked at you with soft eyes. "Minjun." You whispered. His name had come back. He held out his hand to you and you quickly turned to run from him, until you were wacked upside the head and everything went black... Minjun's POV *Two days ago* "Apparently Exo has come up with a plan to steal back the money we burned. I told you we could trust them." Jaebeom said. "Yeah for now." Taecyeon said. Jaebeom shrugged, "All we need is to trust them now. Remember it's more than one of them turning against their so called family. All we need is for them to be on our side long enough to kill Yifan. In order to get Yifan in the right place, we need to take what he holds dear. His favorite possession in the world and that is the girl." Jaebeom said. "She's not his for the last time." Minjun snapped. No, Y/n wasn't anyone's but Jay's. Damn it, he wished he could've protected her better. She should've never been in this life; Jay never wanted this for her. He knew the risks of being with her but he thought he could keep it from her. Minjun wanted to protect her too. She was sweet and innocent and kind. She was more loving than he could ever understand. She didn't ask questions she just cared for people. The night he'd come to see Jay but he wasn't home yet and she was there, she let him inside. He'd come from interrogating and torturing someone and he was sweating, his knuckles were bloody and he had some blood stains on his shirt. Either she had some idea of what he did and didn't care to question it or she really was just so innocent she couldn't fathom the reality of true evil. Minjun had seen true evil, he had been true evil and when Jay found her he some how found his purity. As pure as a killer could get. She invited him in the house but he refused because of how he looked. He knew his leader would be pissed he brought that life around her. He was bruised up himself from the initial fight that led to him capturing his man to torture. He remembered her opening the door and her big smile faded to a worried face, "Jun, what's wrong?" "Is Jay here?" He asked her. "No, he's still out. He said he won't be back for a few hours. Come in." She said. "No I can't I just came for Jay I need to talk to him." "Well, no Minjun- if you need to talk to him just wait here for a few hours he'll show up soon. I could use the company." She said giving him a small smile. "I can't I'll get in trouble." He said. "With Jay? Don't worry I'll tell him I made you come in." "That won't make it better, I need to leave Y/n." He said. He turned to walk away but she had grabbed his hand. He tensed up, her hands were soft and she was gentle. Did he even deserve to be touched by someone so pure. Did Jay? Jay's past history was just as dark as Minjun's. She looked down at his hand, "Jun you're bleeding. Come on in, I'll take care of it and I'll lend you Jay's clothes while I wash yours. You can take a shower in the guest bedroom." She said. She pulled his arm lightly so that he'd follow her into the house but he hesitated. Jay would be so furious if she knew what they were and the life that he lived but her soft manner towards him made him confused. Didn't he look like hell? After what he had done, he felt like his aura leaked darkness yet she chased it away with a simple touch. She didn't deserve it but by God did he want it. He wanted that softness, he wanted that freedom from his own past. He wanted to be as clean as her but no matter what he did, he never would be. She made it seem possible though, that maybe he could make up for everything he'd done. In just one touch, he felt like he could change his life around and being lost in the thought she'd led him into the house and to her couch. She disinfected his knuckle wounds and wrapped his hand. "Oh you know if you take a shower they'll get wet. Darn it, I guess it's fine I'll just replace it once you're out." She said looking at his hand. "You're not going to ask me about it?" He said confused. She looked up at him with a small smile. She chuckled and said, "Well I can only assume you got into a bit of a fight with a guy and he probably deserved it." His eyebrows furrowed at her. She smiled a bit bigger. "Am I wrong?" She asked. He looked at her but he knew he couldn't confirm it. She chuckled and patted his leg, "Alright, the guest bedroom is just down that hall and to the left. I'll bring you some of Jay's clothes so just leave your dirty ones on the bed. Once I bring in his clothes I'll lock the main door behind me okay." She instructed. He only nodded. He did everything she told him, she washed his clothes with no question of where the stains came from or why his knuckles were bloodied. When he sat down with her that night to wait for Jay, he asked, "Not that it's any of my business but are you two just sleeping together or is this really serious?" She looked from the TV to him. She had been eating popcorn she made while he was in the shower. She even switched to a tank top and pajama sweatpants. She had on Jay's gray jacket too. "Are you asking that because I didn't ask about your wound?" She smiled. "You may be innocent but you're smart." He said. She chuckled, "You didn't want me to know. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Besides, it's really none of my business and Jay doesn't really talk about his job alot. I figured there's a reason why. " "You don't care?" "Well of course I care but he won't tell until he's ready, if he's ever ready. I trust him enough though. To answer your question, this is serious between us, at least for me. He seems to love me too though." She had looked down at her lap and her face was turning red from embarrassment. "Wow you must be really good in bed. I never saw Jay with such a 'cute' girl." He said. The word cute sounded more like an insult coming off his lips but she only smiled at him, ignoring it. "Actually Jay and I haven't slept together yet." She said. He remembered looking at her baffled, "What?" She nodded, "I'm a virgin. In fact, the first night we went out I told him that when he went to make a move. He told me he wouldn't touch me till I was ready. I told him I plan to be ready when I'm married. I was prepared for him to never see me again after that night, most guys I've dated are like that so I was just as shocked as you are now when he called me for a second date." "You're saving yourself and he's still with you? Damn, it really must be serious, you've got some magic of your own don't you Y/n?" She laughed, "I don't know about that but he's been waiting. He doesn't force me to do anything or try and guilt me into it. We've been together for six months and I've fallen in love with him." "I guess now I understand why he loves you so much and why he's so protective of you. There aren't many girls out there like you, you make him feel clean. He can love you because you've made it capable of being loved and for that he loves you. I understand wanting to protect that." "No matter how much bad you do Minjun, the past is just that. It's behind you there's only one way to move and that's forward." She smiled... That was true and when Jay was taken from them he had moved forward. He wanted to save her but he couldn't. He couldn't keep Exo away from her but obviously her power still existed if Yifan was this obsessed over her. Yifan wasn't known for his attachments when it came to love. Minjun wasn't sure he even loved her, it was just that he was obsessed enough to want her all to himself. Even if he shared her with the team he still claimed her as his. That only pissed Minjun off. He'd moved forward with his life after she left, going back to being a killer. The small reminders of her being alive and out there somewhere would bring him back from time to time but other than that he'd become dark again. His aura just as tainted as before. He couldn't touch her but damn he wanted to. He wanted her to be the same; he wanted her to be only Jay's even if he was gone. He only wanted her to be his because she'd given Jay a light within his darkness. He probably never would've left JYP but he found hope where he believed hope didn't exist. So did Minjun... *Present Day* The others had to calm Minjun down. They explained the plan of action since they knew Exo's plan now. He was told to make it behind the building that Junmyeon and Y/n would be at. Taecyeon placed him in charge of her capture since he cared for her so much. Minjun still couldn't understand his reservations about her. The plan was to have the groups split up. With 2pm and GOT7 teamed up, their men were even to Exo's numbers. Minjun waited in the back ally like he should have. Taecyeon was waiting on the top roof to go after Junmyeon and chase Y/n away or capture her if he killed Junmyeon quick enough. Chansung and Nichkhun were by the bank in their own cars. They had spotted when Exo was making their move. Jaebeom, Jackson and Bam bam were hanging around surrounding Y/n while also being in the perfect angle to stop the other members when they were in their cars. Mark was at the other roof top with his gun trained on Sehun. Yugyeom, Jinyoung and Youngjae were close by the outline of the territory and Junho and Wooyoung were waiting in the car to take Y/n back. Everything had worked according to the plan. Y/n had run on Junmyeon's command leading her into their trap. When he saw her, she looked at him as if she were shocked, like she had no idea who he was but that he was familiar and the he saw her mouth his name as if it were a foreign word she was learning to say. She ran from him when he held his hand out to her. He supposed under the circumstances she would run to get away but it still made him feel just as unclean as before. Never before would she hesitate to give him a hug or hold his hand but this time she ran from him. When Jackson hit her with the bat, he got pissed. "What the Fuck, you could've killed her." Minjun said coming up to Jackson. Jackson had lifted Y/n up over his shoulder and he smirked at Minjun. "Relax I wouldn't kill her, she's no good to us dead." Jackson said. Minjun noticed his hand rubbing her butt and his jaw clenched. He couldn't start a fight right now but seeing someone else touch her that way pissed him off. She was Jay's wife. He couldn't let anything happen to her... Yifan's POV As suggested by Y/n, to keep the money safe, he switched most of the warehouses money to an off shore account. Y/n was the only one with the password. He didn't tell anyone else in Exo, he didn't even tell them he transferred the money. He gave everyone their fair cut from the heist before to get them working together. Junmyeon said he'd protect her with his life and he beloved he would, he knew Junmyeon liked her enough to want to protect her. They guys drove them up to the front and they walked in with their masks on. They wasted no time in shooting. They avoided killing anyone unnecessarily. The cleaner they kept it, the less they'd have to worry about evidence coming back to them. Minseok and Yixing both hooked up the bomb to the safe and blew it open. They were moving quick. Yifan had the tellers gunned down while Minseok and Yixing got to work collecting the money. The guys moved to go around back to wait for the others to show up. Everything was going well, too well for Yifan's liking. They were in JYP territory, there should've been more fireworks. The sirens came and earlier than what they were supposed too. Yifan grabbed one of the female tellers as he yelled at the guys to get out with what they had. They couldn't risk getting caught here. Yixing and Minseok ran out the back with the bags they filled. Yifan drug the teller with him. "Boss we've got GOT7 members eyeing us back here let's move." Kyungsoo said. "Shit how could they have known it was this one?" Yifan said. He pushed the girl out of his hand and ran down an ally to catch up with Kyungsoo's car. It seemed Jongin, and Baekhyun already left with Yixing and Minseok. Gunshots went through the air as the sirens got closer. By now, Yifan was in the car and Kyungsoo took off. The police were behind them and he turned around and leaned outside the passenger window to shoot at them. One care veered off when he finally got the front tire. It crashed into a flower stand. Kyungsoo had been swerving, avoiding other cars to get away from the police cars. Another had shown up as they were passing by. "Chanyeol make sure you pick up Y/n and Junmyeon!" Yifan yelled into his ear piece. "Neither on of them are here boss and Y/n's not picking up anymore." Chanyeol said. "What?" Yifan growled. A bullet whizzed past his ear catching it slightly and his ear piece poked out. He cursed not being able to hear Chanyeol's response. Kyungsoo drove out of the JYP territory. The cars guarding the territory stayed there to make sure that the money got away. An entire hour went by before everyone showed up at the warehouse. Almost everyone... "Where is Junmyeon and Y/n?" Yifan asked Chanyeol. Chanyeol shrugged confused, "Neither one of you picked them up?" He asked looking at the group. Everyone shook their heads no. "What the Fuck do you mean Chanyeol? It was your job to pick them up." Yifan seethed. "They weren't there, I stayed as long as I could I even drove around as much as I could to find them. I figured one of the guys picked them up." Chanyeol said. Yifan let out a frustrated exhale. Everyone sat in their seats in silence. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, a perfect case of Murphy's law. Someone had betrayed him, he didn't even have time to focus on that. Y/n was gone. All of a sudden his angry face and pacing wasn't the only indication of how pissed he was. He flipped the desk over and everything on top of it hit the floor hard. A picture he had on it broke and spread glass everywhere. His documents were everywhere and all they could do was watch as he picked up the chair and threw it against the wall. "One job, one fucking job Chanyeol and you couldn't even do that!" he screamed. At this point, even Chanyeol knew not to say anything back to him. Yifan's phone began to ring, Y/n's number popped up. He quickly answered it, "Y/n? Where are you Y/n, tell me and I'll come get you." A chuckle came from behind the phone, "Aw you're so worried about her. That's cute." "Who the Fuck is this?" Yifan said. "Me? My name is Im Jaebeom, you know me as the leader of GOT7. We've met before, don't tell me you don't remember, you'll break my heart." He said feigning sadness. "I'd rather break your neck." Yifan said through gritted teeth. Jaebeom tutted, "Now if you keep being rude then I'll be very mean to your precious Y/n. Jackson has been eyeing her for a while now. Maybe I'll let him play with her, then again why should he have all the fun? She's got a nice pair of legs. I bet it's lovely between them." "Don't fucking touch her!" Yifan yelled into the phone. "Aw, see that temper is getting to you again. Bam bam has been wanting to play for a while. He still wants to repay her for last time and Yugyeom too. I could always let them cut her open and send her organs to you one by one." Jaebeom said. Yifan was loosing his mind, he was so furious he was actually shaking. She shouldn't have come, why did he let them convince him into letting her come. They were going to fucking kill her. He was losing his sanity at this point. "What do you want?" Yifan said holding back his frustrated screams. "I want everything." Jaebeom chuckled. "Look I'll make it easy for you. Bring me a million in cash, alone, tomorrow at twelve on the dot and I'll let your stupid slut live. If you're late or if you don't show up I'll start cutting off pieces of her and send her to you in the mail piece by piece until there's nothing left. Then you'll know her death was truly on you, no matter who betrayed you." The sadistic tone and the fact that he was finding amusement in this was infuriating him further. "Fine." Yifan bit out. "Oh goody we'll see you then. For now I think we'll go play with your little princess." Yifan was about to threaten him when the phone clicked and the call had ended. Yifan yelled his frustration. He pulled out his gun and repeatedly shot the wall until his gun was empty. He used his other gun just firing off shots until Tao came and grabbed him from behind, "Ge ge, calm down, stop." "He's going to fucking touch her; he's going to kill her. All of this shit for money, Fuck! Where the Fuck is Junmyeon! That mother fucker went against us didn't he!" He threw his gun at the wall. Tao pulled him back and tried to settle him. Tears of pure frustration ran down his face but bloodlust was in his eyes. If Exo hadn't seen it before they saw it now, the dragon was ready to kill....
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