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Hey , there guys! As part of the support team, I feel that I shoukd include you guys in my various anime cards here in our Anime Community. But this will be my first time on vingle ( 1st time period) having / making a tag list. >_< I'm new to this so please just bear with me! If you want to be tagged in my main collection, "AmazingAshley's Collection" then just comment below "main collection" If you want to be tagged in my "Yuri On Ice " cards comment below "Yuri On Ice" If you want to be tagged in both , just comment "both" Thanks guys!! Now you can be in on all the awesone cards! Don't forget to tag me & the rest of the mod crew on your cards! Also if you like my "AmazingAshley's Collection" feel free to follow me ! XD
main collection ☺
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Both please 😁
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