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Normality is as social construct that should not be followed ever it is a way to riid you of what makes you stand out and basically makes you, you. Where all my weirdos, otakus, nerds, geeks, Goths, emo, anything be proud of what you are and make some noise. (not being normal is one of the biggest things I stand for)
I'm an otaku, nerd, geek, and pyromanic rolled into one being. When called an abnormality, I take as a high compliment not an insult and to me, people who try to normal are the bizarre ones. Talk about ick! I am not: A) a mindless zombie B) a soulless robot or C) a picture-perfect doll I'm just me! Which is different from you!
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what is a pyronamic and a arsonist?
some say that carton thing is for kids.....i look at them with the eyes as someone looking at a animals born in the sewers
Damn straight! And I ain't giving it up, either. 👍
I am weird like how i am an otaku emo stuff like that and it actually helps me get friends
true i act all otaku mode in front of my friends and they arent bother by it they aks me questions about that
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