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Stage name: Hanse (한세) Birth name: Do Han Se (도한세) Position: Main rapper Birthday: September 25, 1997
I'm still learning about this guy, but I am enjoying the investigation. I need to find more facts, etc about him. I promise to try and find better, more detailed info on him for next week.
Until then, enjoy the must recent V app part of Hanse and his brothers having some fun on a playground. He gave me total auntie nerves when he was jumping so high on the board. You just can't get this kid to hold still for long. He seems to enjoy whatever he is doing and he doesn't mind being goofy or adorable as the situation demands. Here is the link to the video since its being difficult about showing up above: No subs, but he and his brothers are such a delight to watch as they have fun together that I didn't mind not knowing what they were saying. Sorry for the late posting, I will be better next week. Sending my love as the imo/noona/eonnie to Hanse, Victon, and all my Vinglers out there! 사랑해
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eonni..... you're so cute 👏😭😍😍😍
@Sailynn Awww, thanks my sweet dongsaeng. I'll figure this thing out yet! 😉 (you might need to help this old lady with a couple things at and point) 😂😂😘😧